Enrolment procedures and deadlines

Enrolment opens on 11 July 2023

The enrolment procedure is entirely online and must be preceded by registration with the university information system (ESSE3).

You can register at any time, as of now, by following the instructions in the 'REGISTER' box at the REGISTER link.

At the same link, in the box provided, you will find all the information you need to register from 11 July 2023.

All information on deadlines can be found under the link DEADLINE.

Admission requirements

  • For admission to the LM course in Classical and Modern Philology and Literature, it is necessary to hold a Bachelor's or Bachelor's degree, or other equivalent qualification or one obtained abroad and recognised as suitable in accordance with the laws in force, in one of the following Classes 
    • for those intending to enrol in the LM-14: 
      • L-1 Cultural heritage;
      • L-3 Disciplines of visual arts, music, performing arts and fashion;
      • L-5 Philosophy;
      • L-10 Humanities;
      • L-11 Modern languages and cultures;
      • L-42 History.
    • for those intending to enrol in the LM-15: 
      • L-1 Cultural Heritage;
      • L-5 Philosophy;
      • L-10 Humanities;
      • L-11 Modern Languages and Cultures;
      • L-42 History.
  • A solid background in Italian language and literature and in history from the medieval to the contemporary age is required for those enrolled in the LM-14 (Modern Philology), in classical languages and literature and in ancient history for those enrolled in the LM-15 (Philology, Literature and History of Antiquity).

    All students are also required to possess adequate computer skills and a foreign language.

More specifically, students wishing to enroll in the LM course in Classical and Modern Philology and Literature must already have acquired an adequate number of ECTS credits in qualifying Scientific Disciplinary Fields for one or other of the two classes:

  • for the LM-14:  
    • at least 15 ECTS credits in the following Scientific Disciplinary Fields: 
      • L-FIL-LET/10 - Italian literature;
      • L-FIL-LET/11 - Contemporary Italian literature;
      • L-FIL-LET/09 - Romance philology and linguistics;
      • L-FIL-LET/12 - Italian linguistics.
    • at least 10 ECTS credits in the following Scientific Disciplinary Fields: 
      • M-STO/01 - Medieval history;
      • M-STO/02 - Modern history;
      • M-STO/04 - Contemporary history. 


  • for the LM-15:  
    • at least 15 ECTS credits in the following Scientific Disciplinary Fields: 
      • L-FIL-LET/02 - Greek language and literature;
      • L-FIL-LET/04 - Latin language and literature. 
    • at least 10 ECTS credits in the following Scientific Disciplinary Fields: 
      • L-ANT/02 - Greek history;
      • L-ANT/03 - Roman history.

(source: Didactic Regulations, Art. 2, comm. 1-3)

Arrangements for verifying adequate initial preparation

  • The verification of the possession of the curricular requirements and the assessment of adequate initial preparation are carried out, also by means of an interview with the student who has applied for enrollment, by a Committee of course instructors from the degree course appointed by the Course Council for each of the two classes. The work schedule of the Commissions, which takes place between September and December, is published in the Department Prospectus.
  • In the case of a qualification obtained abroad, the admission requirements are examined by means of a curriculum review by the Course Council, which assesses the need for the student to undergo an interview to verify adequate preparation.
  • For students who do not meet the curricular requirements and do not have an adequate initial preparation, admission to the Course of Study is subject to assessment by a special Commission. The Commission, relying on the judgement of the instructors from the Scientific Disciplinary Fields concerned, will verify through an interview the possession of the necessary knowledge and skills, and will express a judgement of suitability.
  • The Course Council will also preliminarily assess the application for admission of those who do not hold one of the above-mentioned degrees and/or the above-mentioned CFUs. The preliminary assessment will be carried out by interview.

(source: Didactic Regulations, Art. 2, comm. 4-7)

Timetable of interviews to test entry knowledge

Calendar of interviews for the a.y. 2023-2024

  • Commission: professors Massimo Magnani, Gualtiero Rota (LM-15), Paolo Rinoldi, Carlo Varotti (LM-14).
  • Location: Prof. Gualtiero Rota's office (via D'Azeglio 85, 1st floor, Antiquities Unit).
  • Dates: h. 12:30 p.m. on Thursday 21/9, 12/10, 09/11 and on Wednesday 06/12/2023.

N.B. It is necessary to book your interview by contacting Prof. Gualtiero Rota by e-mail no later than the Sunday before the above-mentioned dates. If you are unable to be present on these days, or due to time constraints, please notify us by e-mail (gualtiero.rota@unipr.it).