Rules of conduct in graduation sessions

During the celebrations following graduation, graduates, their friends and family members are invited to abide by specific rules of conduct that guarantee the dignity and decorum of the university institution and that prevent damage to persons and property.

To protect the environment, and in order to combat the use of non-biodegradable and polluting materials, the use of plastic materials is prohibited.

In particular, the following must be avoided

  • the throwing of products that may damage or deface walls, roads and other movable and immovable property of the University and surrounding areas;
  • the setting up of refreshment areas with the serving of alcoholic and non-alcoholic food and drinks; the soiling of indoor and outdoor spaces and the trampling of flowerbeds;
  • abandoning bottles and other glass objects on the streets and pavements that may constitute a danger to passers-by;
  • putting up posters of various kinds on walls and trees;
  • noise, shouting and verbal outbursts that may disturb classes, University staff and the inhabitants of the area;
  • all other behaviour that is not in keeping with the University's normal institutional activities.

The following link provides the full text of the Rules and Regulations, which undergraduates and graduating students must declare, using the appropriate form, that they have read in full when submitting their application for graduation.