Teaching materials (Elly portals)

The Elly portal is a support for the students, students and technical-administrative staff of the university.

Here, in fact, you can access:

  • teaching materials;
  • compulsory or optional training courses;
  • information and in-depth information on the various degree courses offered by the University;
  • directions on how to use all the services and on how to use the platforms and tools useful during your academic career (Student Diary, Easyroom, Esse3, U-Gov, etc.).

Elly is a valuable support especially for studying.
It offers the possibility of consulting the class material, uploaded directly by the instructor. In this way, students can deepen their knowledge of the topics covered in the classes during individual study without the risk of missing important passages.

In order to particularly facilitate the learning process of working students or students from disadvantaged groups, video recordings of classes  or other teaching material, prepared by the instructor, will be available in the sections reserved for the various course units for a period of at least 15 days.