Transfers and course transitions

A student enrolled at another university who wishes to come to study at our university, or who is enrolled at this university and wishes to study elsewhere, may apply for a transfer.

In the first case it is an incoming transfer, in the second case it is an outgoing transfer.

If the student is enrolled at this university, but wishes to change degree course, he/she may apply for a change of course.

The student who enrolled in a given academic year may apply, by the deadline of the second instalment of fees and without charge, for an option to another course of study. After that date, the option is no longer permitted and it is necessary to apply for a change of course.

Prior assessment of ECTS credits

Guide to the application for prior assessment of university credits

The application for prior assessment of ECTS credits is used to find out which examinations or training activities can be validated as part of the course of study one wishes to undertake (in this case, the interclass Master's Degree Course in Classical and Modern Literature).
The application may be submitted if you wish to undertake:

  • a change of course or degree system;
  • a transfer to Parma from another university location;
  • a new enrolment in Parma as a student in possession of an academic title, university degree; if you are a student who has withdrawn or lapsed from another degree course;
  • the validation - as a student already regularly enrolled in Parma - of further examinations or training activities taken outside the University or in previous university courses.



To obtain a declaration of recognition of ECTS credits, an 'Application for Prior Evaluation' must be completed.

The scanned application (PDF), complete in all its parts, signed and dated, with the attachments (PDF) indicated therein, must be sent by e-mail to the Course President, Prof. Gualtiero Rota.

The application will be assessed by the appropriate Commission, set up by the Course Council on 31.1.2017 pursuant to Article 1(5) of the Course Regulations and composed of:

The Commission is delegated the task of assessing and approving student files (programmes of study, internships, transitions and transfers, etc.) or assisting the President in the coordination of teaching activities and more generally in the performance of his duties.

This committee will send the interested parties (and for information to the Student registry office) the outcome of the prior assessment.
In this regard, please indicate in your application the valid and actually used e-mail address.

Upon enrolment, the student will notify the Student registry office of the outcome of the assessment and send, in addition to the documentation required for enrolment, the Validation Request (form available below), completed on the basis of the prior assessment received.