cod. 1004746

Academic year 2011/12
1° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Fisica applicata (a beni culturali, ambientali, biologia e medicina) (FIS/07)
Scienze interdisciplinari
Type of training activity
16 hours
of face-to-face activities
2 credits
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Integrated course unit module: BIOSCIENCES

Learning objectives

Physics applied to kinesiology course program starts with the physiological analysis of human motion as basis for the understanding of its pathological and disabling changes. The course is designed to provide the student with knowledge to substantiate the best strategies for optimal rehabilitation programs planning and implementation, integrating the theoretical and applied aspects of the whole range of assistive technologies, mobility aids and orthoses.
Measurement techniques, processing data, and the interpretation of total body and limb synergies will be emphasized , as the quantitative measurement and analysis of the movement of the human musculo skeletal system are nowadays essential to physiotherapy professional practice.


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Course unit content

Concepts in human motion
Postural and motion kinematics, kinetics, and neural control
Statics and dynamics of forces
Classes of levers
Spine kinesiology and biomechanics of the spine
Thorax kinesiology and biomechanics
Pelvis and hips kinesiology and biomechanics
Lower limb kinesiology and biomechanics
Sholulder girdle kinesiology and biomechanics
Upper limb kinesiology and biomechanics
Grasp or prehension patterns

Full programme

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Perry J. Analisi del cammino. Elsevier
Vannini A. Chinesiologia. Testo-Atlante. Aulo Gaggi Ed. Bologna

Teaching methods

Classroom lectures and laboratories

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exam

Other information

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