Enrolment procedures and deadlines

Enrolment on degree courses in the health professions is arranged according to the order of the ranking list and up to the number of places available.
For information on the publication of the ranking list write to carrserv.studenti@unipr.it

Entry requirements

In order to be admitted to the Degree Course in Physiotherapy, it is necessary to be in possession of a high school diploma or other qualification obtained abroad, recognised as suitable, and to have passed the Admission Examination for degree courses in the health professions and to have been placed on the ranking list in a position suitable for enrolment.

The entrance examination, which is defined annually by the Ministry in terms of procedures and content, verifies the adequacy of knowledge of general education and logical reasoning, as well as scientific-mathematical and statistical knowledge, and knowledge of ICT, English, humanities and social sciences.
All students who have passed the entrance examination and obtained a score lower than that defined each year in the Announcement of Admission to Degree Courses in the Health Professions are admitted with a training gap (Additional Training Obligations - OFA).

Please refer to the relative degree course regulations for details on additional training obligations and how to fulfil them.


Admission procedures

The maximum number of students who may enrol in the Degree Course in Physiotherapy is established by the Ministry of University and Research, annually by specific act, in relation to the needs of the specific field of work, the teaching facilities and the available teaching staff. For the 2020/2021 academic year, 18 places have been allocated at the Parma site and 22 seats at the Piacenza site. An entrance exam is therefore necessary to produce a ranking list that identifies students in a position to enrol.
The entrance examination is defined annually by the Ministry in terms of modalities and content, by means of a special decree.

For each degree course, one place is reserved for students with a certified disability of 66% or more.

The disability must be compatible with the performance of the activities envisaged in the clinical practical training of the chosen degree course; compatibility will be ascertained by a special committee.

If necessary, appropriate structural and functional support will be made available to the disabled person.
Non-EU candidates residing abroad, who do not fall under the provisions of Law 189/2002, whose admission rules are defined by the Circular of the Ministry of Education, University and Research - prot. N. 7802 of 24/03/2014, will also have to take the Italian language test, except in the cases of exemption set out in the aforementioned M.I.U.R. Circular.

To be definitively admitted, pursuant to Leg. 81/08 and subsequent amendments and additions, the student will undergo an assessment of psycho-physical suitability to perform the activity of the specific professional profile. The assessment of permanent ineligibility results in forfeiture of the student's status on the Degree Course. The University reserves the right to verify, at any time, the persistence of the student's conditions of psycho-physical suitability.

Students admitted with a training gap (Additional Training Obligations - OFAs), for one or more disciplines, are required to clear it, in agreement with the relevant professor/instructor, before sitting the 1st year examinations, in accordance with the provisions of the Degree Course Council.

Transfer from another degree course at the same or another university is subject to the availability of places calculated on the matriculation cohort in order to ensure compliance with the ministerial quota of places; the council of the receiving degree course determines the year of enrolment and the number of credits recognised.

Students who meet the requirements set out in the Degree Course Regulations to be enrolled in the 2nd and 3rd year of the new system may apply for a change of venue.