State examination

The final examination of the degree courses has the value of a state exam qualifying successful candidates for professional practice.

There is a single Final Examination consisting of two different assessment stages: the Practical Examination, in which students must demonstrate the degree of knowledge and theoretical-practical competence required by their professional profile
the drafting of a thesis, related to the specific professional field, and its presentation and discussion.
The two different parts of the final examination must be assessed equally, both contributing to the determination of the final examination grade.
In the event of an inadequate evaluation of the practical test, the examination is interrupted and considered failed, and must therefore be repeated in its entirety at a subsequent sitting.
22.11 The Commission for the Final Examination, chaired by the President of the Degree Course, is composed of no less than 7 and no more than 11 Members, appointed by the Rector on the proposal of the Degree Course Council and includes at least 2 Members designated by the Professional College, where existing, or by the Professional Associations identified by special decree of the Ministry of Health on the basis of representativeness at national level. The dates of the sessions are communicated to the Ministries of Education, University and Research and Health, which may send experts as their representatives to the individual sessions. In the event of failure to appoint these members, the Rector shall exercise the power of substitution. 
Representatives of Ministries are NOT included in the number of members of the Commission for the final examination.
22.12 In compliance with the provisions of the University's general regulations on the degree examinations of the Health Professions Degree Courses, the Degree Course Council lays down specific rules on the procedures for the assignment and preparation of degree theses and their assessment procedures, which are referred to from year to year.