Course presentation

The Degree Course in Physiotherapy (qualifying for the health profession of Physiotherapist L/SNT2 Rehabilitation Health Professions) aims to train health professionals who, pursuant to Article 2 of Law 10 August 2000, no. 251 of 10 August 2000, carry out activities aimed at prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and functional assessment procedures with professional authority and autonomy, in relation to individuals and the community, in order to carry out the competences envisaged by the relative professional profile (Ministerial Decree of the Ministry of Health no. 741 of 14 September 1994 and subsequent supplements and amendments).
The course prepares students for the profession of (ISTAT coding) Physiotherapist - (
The course is spread over a three-year period and involves the acquisition of theoretical knowledge about basic and clinical medical disciplines and a large component of practical training; attendance is compulsory.
Admission is governed by a scheduled number defined by the ministry on the basis of regional employment needs. This requirement guarantees a very high employment rate of graduates within a short timeframe.

The physiotherapist

Pursuant to DECREE no. 741 of 14 September 1994, Regulation concerning the identification of the figure and relative professional profile of the physiotherapist


A physiotherapist is a health professional with a qualifying university degree who performs, independently or in cooperation with other health professionals, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation interventions in the areas of motor, upper cortical and visceral functions resulting from pathological events of various aetiologies, whether congenital or acquired.
With reference to the doctor's diagnosis and prescriptions, within the scope of his/her competences, the physiotherapist:

a) draws up, also in a multidisciplinary team, the definition of the rehabilitation programme aimed at identifying and overcoming the health needs of the disabled person;

b) autonomously practices therapeutic activities for the functional re-education of motor, psychomotor and cognitive disabilities, using physical, manual, massage and occupational therapies;

c) proposes the adoption of prostheses and aids, trains in their use and verifies their effectiveness;

d) verifies the correspondence of the rehabilitation methodology implemented to the functional recovery objectives.

He/she carries out study, teaching and professional consultancy activities, in health services and in those where his/her professional skills are required;

The physiotherapist carries out his/her professional activity in public or private health facilities, on an employed or freelance basis.

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