Calendar of teaching activities

The calendar of teaching activities, approved by the Departmental Committee, provides information on the periods in which classes are held and on examination sessions, specifying the start/end dates of activities and any suspension periods.
Important closures and deadlines are listed in the academic calendar published on the University website.


The Prospectus illustrates enrolment procedures and provides all useful administrative information on the degree courses at the University of Parma.


The University's Prospectus publicises the range of courses on offer by specifying: 

  • the courses offered with an indication of the relevant classes, including the Degree Course in Physiotherapy;
  • the qualification required for access and the methods for assessing students' initial preparation;
  • the number of students eligible for individual study courses where the number of places on the programme is envisaged;
  • the start and end dates and the methods for pre-enrolment, enrolment, transfer, and payment of university fees;
  • the dates for any admission tests to courses;
  • the amount of fees and contributions.

Ihe Departmental Prospectus, drawn up in coherence with the University's Prospectus, is the tool for implementing the various teaching activities initiated by the Departments. 

In particular, the following are indicated for each degree course:

  • the official programme of study with reference to the learning objectives;
  • any propaedeuticities;
  • the credits assigned to each educational activity;
  • the start and end dates of classes;
  • provisions on attendance obligations.