Examination calendar

All study courses at the University of Parma have activated procedures for registering for course unit exams directly via the web.
It is only possible to register for examinations via the ESSE3 system, available at:
ESSE3 - Enrolment for examinations

You may access ESSE3 using your University credentials (<name.surname>@studenti.unipr.it and password).
Once authenticated, you can look under the EXAMS menu for all the exam dates for which you can enrol, i.e. those for the courses in your electronic academic transcript (which can be consulted under the 'CAREER - Exams' menu) for which you have not yet passed the exam.
Exam dates (divided by department, degree course, teaching activity, professor/instructor, exam date) can instead be consulted without authentication (but not booked) on the page:
ESSE3 - Exams Notice Board

The exam calendar (broken down by session, degree, course year, week) can be found on the page:
EasyTest - Calendar of exams

To facilitate the use of the ESSE3 platform, the following content is available:
student guide to online exam booking
video tutorial "ESSE3 - Online exam booking"

Please note that, in order to register for an exam, students must:
have completed the ONLINE PROGRAMME OF STUDY The student must have submitted the Programme of Study online, by the deadline set each year by the University, otherwise he/she will not be able to enrol and, therefore, take the exams of his/her year but only those of the previous year (provided that he/she has submitted the Programme of Study online for the previous academic year). For example, a 3rd year student may only register for examinations in years I and II, but may not sit the 3rd year examinations, nor complete the teaching evaluation questionnaires, until he/she regularises the submission of the programme of study; having acquired the FREQUENCY relating to the teaching for which he/she wishes to sit the examination by the date of the session. Students may only sit the examinations at the end of the semester in which the course was taught (from February for first-semester course units; from June for first- and second-semester course units); for course units from previous years, students may sit the examinations during any session;
they must have complied with the compulsory PROPEDEUTICTIES set out in the student's University System and Regulations;
they must have completed the on-line EVALUATION QUESTIONNAIRE (in the ESSE3 system itself) relating to the course for which the student wishes to sit the exam;
they must have PAID THEIR FEES in full (under penalty of subsequent cancellation of the exam).

Student opinion survey questionnaires (OPIS)


The survey of students' opinions concerning teaching is carried out by means of the 'Student Opinion Survey Questionnaires (OPIS)' and is an indispensable element for improving the teaching, quality and organization of degree courses.
A 90-minute information video is available at https://youtu.be/TmqvjU6DQdY This video provides information of interest to students.

The Questionnaire should be completed by students at the end of the cycle of classes of each course unit.
For students who have not previously taken the assessment.

The ESSE3 computer system requires them to complete the questionnaires when enrolling for the examination.
For more in-depth information click HERE

Learning assessments

The official syllabus of the course clearly outlines the planned assessment methods (e.g. practical test, oral test, multiple-choice questions, discussion of clinical cases, etc.).
The tests for assessing the students' preparation are divided into:

a) course unit exams, possibly also conducted by means of interim (non-certified) assessments.
b) internship examinations.
Exam committees are chaired by the official course professors or, where applicable, the course coordinator. The committee may include: professors and researchers from the same or related scientific disciplines, or, in cases of proven need, experts in the field. The committees must operate with the presence of two members, one of whom is the official professor of the course. In the event of proven necessity for the same examination, several committees may operate simultaneously, each of which is chaired by a professor from the same or related scientific disciplinary field. The recording of marks and the recording of the result of the exams are the responsibility of the committee president. The marks awarded by individual committee members are suppressed in the record of marks.
Exams are marked out of thirty. The exam is passed if the student achieves a minimum mark of 18/30. If a maximum mark of 30/30 is achieved, honours may be awarded unanimously.
Credits for a course unit are acquired upon passing the relative exam.
In the case of course units broken up exclusively into modules, students will be awarded a single, overall mark for all the individual modules.
Students are not permitted to repeat an exam for which a pass mark has already been recorded.


For admission to the second year internship examination, students must have recognised attendance of the Locomotor System Diseases CI.