Student tutors

The University offers its students a tutoring service, aimed at guiding and assisting students throughout their course of study.

Tutoring is carried out by all course teaching staff and students identified through an annual call for applications.

Student Tutor

The student tutor is an experienced student or doctoral or postgraduate student who puts his or her practical experience at the service of those in need.

"The tutoring services cooperate with the bodies supporting the right to study and with student representatives, contributing to the overall cultural training needs of students and their full participation in university activities." (Art. 13 Law 341/1990)

Peer-to-peer Tutors
Tutoring activities are also carried out with the participation of "able and deserving students enrolled on specialist degree courses, specialization schools for the forensic professions, specialization schools for secondary school teachers and PhD programmes" in accordance with the provisions of the law and through the issuing of specific calls for applications (Art. 1 of Decree Law no. 105 of 9 May 2003 - Urgent provisions for universities and research bodies, converted with amendments into Law no. 170 of 11 July 2003).

The peer-to-peer tutor carries out listening, information and coaching activities for first-year students in order to address any obstacles to regular study.

Student tutors for drug-area study courses

Peer tutor for students with Specific Learning Difficulties (DSA) and with Special Educational Needs (BES)

The University, through the University Welcome and Inclusion Centre, provides peer tutors for students with disabilities.

University tutor

The university tutor is a support figure for the organisation of ongoing study.

The institution of the figure of the university tutor allows each student to have a teacher to refer to as a guide and support throughout their studies: the university tutor's tasks include guiding the student in the organisation of the programme of study, in the choice of educational paths such as the internship and thesis, and in the selection of elective courses. List of University Tutors