Corso di Pharmaceutical chemistry and technology - Università degli Studi di Parma

The main objective of the Single-cycle Degree Course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology is to provide the graduate with the scientific basis and the theoretical and practical preparation necessary to work primarily as an expert in pharmaceuticals and health products in the relevant industry sectors and to exercise the profession of pharmacist or chemist after passing the relevant state examination.

Single cycle degree course 5 years
Chronological access
course in Italian
class LM-13
300 credits


course code
Chimica e Tecnologia Farmaceutiche
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No notices at the moment
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Toll-free number

800 904 084

Student registry office

Toll-free number: 800 904 084

Quality assurance office

Education manager:
Mr Eddi Lazzarin

President of the degree course

Prof. Alessio Lodola
T. +39 0521 905062

Deputy course president

Prof. Claudio Curti
T. +39 0521905080

Faculty advisors

Prof. Stefano Bruno
T. +39 0521 906613

Prof. Federica Vacondio
T. +39 0521 905076

Career guidance delegate

Prof. Vigilio Ballabeni
T. +39 0521 905095

Tutor Professors

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International student mobility committee


Quality assurance manager

Prof. Claudio Curti
T. +39 0521 905080

Contact person for students with disabilities, SLD or from vulnerable groups

Prof. Franca Zanardi
T. +39 0521 905067


Tutor students

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