Average calculation

The final mark is composed of a "base" mark, resulting from the arithmetic mean of the marks obtained in the individual profit examinations expressed on a 110 basis, increased as follows:

  • a maximum of 6 points awarded by the supervisor on the basis of the ability and commitment demonstrated by the graduating student in the performance of the thesis;
  • a maximum of 2 points awarded at graduation by the Committee on the basis of the exposition and discussion of the thesis;
  • 1 point if the "base" score is equal to or higher than 100/110;
  • 1 point if the Single-cycle degree is awarded "in corso" (within 5 years, established as the legal duration of the course of study, starting from the year of enrolment);
  • 1 point if the student has acquired at least 9 ECTS credits abroad (Erasmus Programme).

Honours, for which unanimity of the committee is required in all cases, can only be awarded if the 'base' score is 102/110 or higher. The Committee, at its discretion, may award a mark of 110/110 to graduating students with an overall mark of 109/110.

The following requirements are necessary for the award of the honourable mention:

  • degree achieved within the prescribed time;
  • at least 10 examinations with a mark of 30/30 cum laude;
  • no more than one examination with a mark below 30/30.

A distinction shall be awarded to graduating students who have acted as student representatives in the University Bodies and Organs upon their request and documented participation in at least 2/3 of the meetings.