Examination Notice Board - Esse3

You can view the University of Parma examination calendar on the Examination Notice Board page of the ESSE3 platform.

Please note that for the Degree Course in Pharmaceutical chemistry and technology, the April and November session are reserved for students not completing the course within the prescribed time, repeating students and students regularly enrolled in the 5th year.

Examination calendar in PDF format

Below you can download the examination calendar in PDF format.

ATTENTION! The dates of the exams indicated in the PDF file may be subject to variations, therefore the dates published on the ESSE3 registration platform, which you are required to monitor to verify any changes, are valid only.

Examination registration - Esse3

To register for the examinations in your programme of study, you need to log in to the ESSE3 platform using your University credentials.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to view, via the EXAMINATIONS menu, all the dates of the sessions or partial examinations of the courses in your electronic booklet, which can be consulted in the 'CAREER - examinations' menu.

Remember that in order to sit the examinations, the following are required:

  • full administrative regularisation (enrolment, payment of fees).
  • completion - every year - of the programme of study, which is compulsory for all current regular students, even if there are no choices.
    Failure to submit the programme of study does not permit registration for the sessions.

You can find more information, guides and video tutorials on booking online exams on the page Examination

FAQ - Examination Booking

FAQ - Results Board

Student opinion survey questionnaires (OPIS)

The survey of students' opinions concerning teaching is implemented by means of the 'Student Opinion Survey Questionnaires (OPIS)' and is an indispensable element in enabling the improvement of teaching, quality and organisation of study courses.

A 90-minute information video is available at https://youtu.be/TmqvjU6DQdY. This video provides information of interest to all students.

It is compulsory to complete the questionnaire for a particular course prior to registering for the examination; however, it is recommended that it be completed during the last few days of class attendance and not in the run-up to the roll call.

Students not completing the course within the prescribed time or those attending courses from previous academic years are exempt from completing the questionnaires.
For more in-depth information click HERE


Indications for appointments for courses no longer taught

If there are courses in your programme of study that are no longer taught in the Degree course, for which you cannot register with ESSE3, you can find the corresponding active courses for which exam dates have been set in the list below: please contact the relevant teaching staff member by email to register and subsequently register the mark, indicating the course in your electronic transcript.

  • For Human Anatomy see the Animal Biology/Human Anatomy sessions
  • For Human Anatomy/Pharmacognosy see the Animal Biology/Human Anatomy sessions
  • For Animal Biology/Plant Biology see the Animal Biology/Human Anatomy sessions
  • For Analytical Chemistry/Instrumental Analytical Chemistry see the Analytical Chemistry sessions
  • For Food Chemistry see the Food Chemistry/Receptor Chemistry sessions
  • For Receptor Chemistry see the Food Chemistry/Receptor Chemistry sessions
  • For Pharmaceutical Chemistry I see the Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry I sessions
  • For Pharmaceutical Chemistry II see the Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry II sessions
  • For Pharmacognosy see the Human Anatomy/Pharmacognosy sessions
  • For Pharmaceutical Design and Synthesis Laboratory see the Pharmaceutical Design and Synthesis Laboratory sessions
  • For Pharmaceutical Legislation/Industrial Pharmaceutical Technology see the Pharmaceutical Legislation/Industrial Manufacture of Medicines sessions
  • For Design and Synthesis of Medicines/Pharmaceutical Chemistry III see the Design and Synthesis of Medicines Laboratory sessions
  • For Pharmaceutical Technology (with tutorials) see the Pharmaceutical Technology/Laboratory sessions