Learning objectives

The main objective of the Single-cycle Degree Course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (CTF) is to provide graduates with a technical-scientific background suitable for working in the pharmaceutical industry.

The specific training objectives meet the need for professionals who can be employed in chemical and pharmaceutical research, in the profession of pharmacist, in medical-scientific outreach and in the profession of laboratory chemist.

The Degree course provides, in addition to the essential preparation for entering the profession of pharmacist, advanced scientific preparation in the industrial field and specifically in the research, development, formulation, production and control of drugs and medicinal preparations in accordance with the standards codified in the pharmacopoeias; it also provides chemical-toxicological knowledge and skills for the safe handling of drugs in hospital and production facilities. The body of knowledge acquired in the chemical, biological, pharmacological and pharmaceutical fields allows one to tackle the entire sequence of the complex multidisciplinary process that, starting with the design and optimisation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of new chemical entities, leads to the development of new drugs, their formulation, production, control, registration and dispensation.

The Single-cycle Degree Course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology provides the competences and learning skills necessary to deal with second-level professional master programmes, Specialisation Schools, PhD programmes and the mastery of the basic cognitive tools for the continuous updating of one's knowledge, as required by the regulations in force for the health professions.