Professional outlets

The Graduate in Gastronomic Science is a managerial figure who has an overview of the technical and cultural components related to the management of quality, typical or innovative food products, from the point of view of scientific knowledge of the product, the related marketing, the setting up of related research and in-depth study activities, and collaboration in the development of innovative processes and procedures. Competences associated with the function: 
- Planning interventions for the launch of food and wine products and services;

- Promoting business activities in the field of food and wine;

- Developing marketing strategies for food and wine products and services, in particular through the new Web 2.0 resources;

- Organising economic, tourism and cultural events (fairs, exhibitions, conferences), linked to the food and gastronomic resources of the territory;

- Developing communication initiatives linked to the culture of taste and the food and wine heritage of a territory;

- Carrying out food and wine criticism activities. 

Professional outlets include several areas. Graduates in Gastronomic Science work in product promotion consortia, television programmes, specialised magazines, communication agencies, local authorities, tourism and territorial promotion agencies, production companies (small and medium-sized enterprises), catering and agro-tourism companies, international marketing and large-scale organised distribution. 

Our degree will enable you to work in food and wine research organisations, in national and regional administration, as well as in all those organisations dealing with the agri-food sector, including governmental and non-governmental associations supporting developing countries.

In addition, a degree in Gastronomic Science will give you the opportunity to work in a number of fast-growing fields, both in Italy and abroad, such as production and distribution of typical products and gastronomy, food and wine tourism, consortia for the protection and promotion of typical products, organisation of trade fairs and gastronomic events, distribution activities (from e-commerce to large-scale distribution), communication and info-mediation, marketing, journalism and food and wine literature.

A degree in Gastronomic Science will give you access to Second-cycle degree courses and first-level professional master programmes. At the University of Parma you can find several Second-cycle degree courses, in Italian or English, to perfect and deepen your skills in the field of food.