Advising actions play a decisive role in the complex and articulated process of higher education of the new generations. Choosing a university course of study is in fact a very delicate moment in the life of the student who has to make a conscious choice in order to build his or her own life project.
The Degree Course places particular emphasis on orientation projects aimed at high school students, in order to promote a precise and in-depth knowledge of the course catalogue and, at the same time, to stimulate conscious choices of the university pathway also through appropriate preparatory activities aimed at verifying the possession of the knowledge and/or skills or the adjustment of personal preparation necessary for access to the courses of study.
The Degree course promotes meetings between high schools and ambassadors of the Degree Course, chosen from among the students of the Degree course who come from that institution. 
The Degree course participates in national orientation fairs, organised in various locations throughout Italy, and is present at the "Studiare a Parma" (Study in Parma) open days, held annually at the University in the spring, and at the "Dalla Maturità all'Università" (From Maturità to University) info days, held annually at the University in the summer, to coincide with the opening of enrolment procedures organised at departmental premises, with a Lesson Zero that introduces the student not only to the courses, but also to the material management tools, course rules, etc. The Degree Course also takes care of the organisation of course units to fill any gaps in entry, and pursues, through the University Welcome and Inclusion Centre (CAI), actions in the field of reception, inclusion and equal opportunities for students who, in university life, experience a state of discomfort due to physical, psychological, economic and social fragility, as well as students with specific learning disorders/special educational needs, thanks to the presence of a Tutor for vulnerable groups. 
Thanks to an agreement with the Municipality of Parma, the University has set up the ParmaUniverCity Info Point, where information and dissemination activities on the University are carried out, such as the Welcome Point Matricole, which is a first-level information point aimed at future students, current students, and all those who wish to obtain more details on enrolment, courses and aspects related to university life, scholarships and how to find a home in Parma. 
All the procedures for enrolling, admitting students and managing their careers are set out in the Prospectus and in the University Regulations and communicated through special sections of the University and Department websites, as well as on the study course portals.
Activities and services are coordinated by the Guidance delegate.

Advising and guidance

The service is intended to support students' proper integration in the degree course through, in particular, specific tutoring activities aimed at students enrolled in the first year of the course, as well as to encourage effective career progression by students through assistance in the compilation of individual programmes of study, in itinere guidance activities whose aim is to facilitate students' choice of the training pathway best suited to their characteristics, as well as remedial activities for students experiencing difficulties, activities focusing on the study method and tutoring activities designed to support students' internationalisation activities, national and international placements and contact with companies (for visits, internships, etc.).
In parallel with strengthening the tools for assessing students' incoming skills, the degree course provides remedial teaching actions and ensures adequate tutoring services throughout the university course, calibrated taking into account the assessment mechanisms of the courses by providing specific tutors for disciplinary areas, as well as the implementation of supplementary preparatory  courses for examinations. 
In this sense, educational tutoring is able to facilitate the completion of studies on time and, in particular, reduce drop-outs in the first year. The aim is to guide and assist students throughout their studies, to make them active participants in the educational process, to remove obstacles to successful attendance, including through initiatives tailored to the needs, aptitudes and requirements of individuals. 
The in itinere orientation is also carried out with the participation of 'capable and deserving students enrolled in Second-cycle degree and PhD courses, selected through participation in a call for applications; the initiative is financed by the 'Fund for the support of young people and to encourage student mobility'.  In addition, the University of Parma has launched a specific project involving school teachers in coordination with university teaching staff, with a view to supporting the preparation of students enrolled in the first or second year who need disciplinary reinforcement (IDEA Project).