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It is worth attending the degree course in Gastronomic Sciences if you love, with food, the land and its culture; if you want to defend the traditions of our land, crystallised in food, in dishes, in techniques for processing raw materials; if you want to express your potential by studying, and often discovering, the excellence of our regions, which are increasingly becoming a vehicle for Italian spirit and love of life around the world.

Degree course
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180 credits


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24/10/2022 - 19:30
Corso di Studio
Avviso agli studenti SG del 3^ anno e Fuori Corso: 2 novembre 12.30-13.30 Incontro in Teams sui corsi opzionali

Gentili studenti del III anno di SG e fuori corso

siete invitati a partecipare all’incontro annuale in tema di corsi opzionali il prossimo  2 novembre dalle ore 12,30 alle ore 13,30 che si terrà in modalità a distanza su TEAMS per facilitare la presenza di tutti gli interessati:

Ecco il linK:,%22Oid%22:%2205e0d981-4f1f-48b8-9b69-5a9745c8594f%22%7D

Vi prego di leggere ATTENTAMENTE quanto riportato nella pagina dedicata PRIMA dell’incontro

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Cordiali saluti

Cristina Mora

Slides incontro con studenti 3^ anno SG e fuoricorso
10/10/2022 - 13:13
Degree course
Activation of the "Internship Desk"


We inform you that the University has activated, as part of the Internship Unit, an "Internship Desk" aimed at its students who have included this activity in the programme of study.

The service aims to carry out the following activities:

- cognitive interviews of orientation of the students to the choice of the curricular internship;

- consultancy in the drafting of CVs for self-application;

- intermediation of demand / supply of curricular internship between students and companies;   promotion of internships, in collaboration with the Departments, with a view to enhancing the educational method "of learning by doing", taking advantage of the training contribution offered by companies, public bodies and the third sector.

 Interested students can contact Dr. Mariano Benedetto Allodi to book an appointment online, by sending an email to In politely asking to give wide dissemination to the initiative within the departmental structures, the opportunity is welcome to offer the most cordial greetings.


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800 904 084

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Ms. Caterina Scopelliti

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Course President

Prof. Cristina Mora

Advising and guidance delegate

Prof. Benedetta Chiancone

Career advising and guidance delegate

Prof. Chiara Dall'Asta
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Professor/instructor tutors

Prof. Martina Cirlini

Erasmus Delegates

Prof. Sergio Ghidini 

Quality Assurance Manager

Prof. Sergio Ghidini


Prof. Davide Menozzi

Student Tutors

Giuseppe Catalano

Francesca Pompei

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