Course units and programme of study

The programme of study is the set of compulsory and elective courses that the student must take in order to graduate.
Submission of the programme of study for your year of enrolment is compulsory and is required, in particular, for registration for examinations and for completion of the teaching evaluation questionnaires.

To see the list of course units that you can include in your programme of study, select the academic year of enrolment and, if available, the curriculum.

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Note: the monodisciplinary training activity "PRACTICAL-EVALUATION INTERNSHIP" (Cod. 1011817) scheduled for the 2nd year entails the acquisition of a total of 25 CFU, divided as follows:

  • Shared Profession Apprenticeship (Cod. 1011900) - 6 CFU
  • Company Apprenticeship (Code 1011901) - 19 CFU

Programme of study: how it works and how to fill it in

The programme of study represents the set of educational activities (compulsory, elective, internship, final examination) planned for each year of the course.

All regular (ongoing) students are required to submit the programme each year. Students not completing the course within the prescribed time are exempt from completing the form.

Submission of the programme of study is compulsory and preparatory to subsequent career actions (e.g. electronic student file, registration for examinations, mark registration, student opinion survey).

The programme of study must be submitted online by logging in with your University credentials ( and password) on the Esse3 platform, selecting the item Programme of Study and entering the activities planned for the academic year you are currently attending or modifying the choices made in previous years (e.g. elective courses not yet passed).

You can receive support on filling out the programme by sending an e-mail with the subject line "Programme of study" to, indicating in the text your name and surname, your registration number and the problem you encountered described in detail.

Further information and guides on how to complete the programme are available on the Programme of study page of the University portal.

FAQ - Programme of study

Deadlines for completing the programme of study

a.y. 2023/2024: from 16/10/2023 until 06/12/2023 and from 04/03/2024 until 05/04/2024.

Linguistic Eligibility and Recognition of External Language Certificates

The English language course 'English B1' is delivered online by the University Language Centre.

On the portal of the University Language Centre: all information is available on:

  • Language courses and other activities offered by the University for the learning and practice of foreign languages,
  • Proficiency examinations (procedures and courses in preparation for the tests):,
  • Recognition of external language certificates.

T: +390521905578

Safety course

Students must attend the online training course on safety in the workplace by connecting to and logging in with their University credentials.

The training is divided into three modules to be completed in succession. At the end of each module, a certificate is issued, which the student must print out and keep.

The three certificates must also be sent by e-mail to in order to obtain recognition of the ECTS credit to which the course entitles.

Based on the State-Regions Agreement of 21 December 2011, the duration of the certificates is 5 years, with the exception of general training (module 1) which has no expiry.

The specific training relating to any activities of an experimental nature is the responsibility of the Heads of Teaching and Research Activities or of the external structures at which these activities are carried out, and must be formalised by the trainer [form], delivered to the student and communicated to the Department.

Under the link Health and Safety Training you can find information on

  • How to access and complete safety courses
  • Course in English
  • Validity of any previous certificates
  • Tutor contacts
  • Which training modules to follow

Free participation activities

Students may apply to the Course Council for recognition of ECTS credits for free participation activities, i.e. activities carried out in the SPORTS, CULTURAL, SOCIAL sphere.

In order to check the possibility and method of awarding ECTS credits for activities carried out in the SOCIAL sphere, it is essential to contact the course provider (Social Work) and the Careers and Services for Students division in advance.

ECTS credits for free participation activities