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The vocationally oriented degree course in 'Quality and Procurement of Raw Materials for Agri-Food' aims at training food graduates with a strong vocational orientation, experts in the evaluation, selection and procurement of raw materials for industry, catering and large-scale retail trade, who are able to guide the choices of actors in the food chain towards products suitable for use/processing. This professional figure will therefore represent the link between producers (agricultural sector) and other stakeholders in the supply chain, including consumers.

The didactic headquarters of the degree course is in Salsomaggiore Terme (PR) at Palazzo Tommasini

Career oriented degree
Chronological access
course in Italian
class L-P02
180 credits


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No notices at the moment
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800 904 084

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T. +39 0521 905122

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T. +39 0521 906075 - 905177
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Course President

Prof. Tommaso Ganino
T. +39 0521 905597

Deputy course president

Prof. Davide Menozzi

T. +39 0521 032519

Guidance delegate

Prof. Eleonora Carini
T. +39 0521 906520

University tutors

Prof. Tommaso Ganino
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Prof. Eleonora Carini
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International student mobility committee


Quality assurance manager

Prof. Giovanni Sogari
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Contact person for students with disabilities, SLD or from vulnerable groups

Prof.ssa Marilena Musci
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Tutor students

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