Career prospects

Technician for the evaluation and procurement of raw materials

- function in a work environment:

  • Advice on raw material purchasing in the agri-food chain
  • Quality control manager Agri-food chain
  • Quality control manager Raw material analysis laboratory
  • Specialist in raw material evaluation

- competences associated with the function

The QuAM graduate in raw material quality and procurement for the agri-food industry will be able to:

  • provide consultancy for companies operating in the raw material production, processing and marketing sectors;
  • provide assessment of the quality and hygiene aspects of raw materials;
  • direct raw materials, depending on their intrinsic characteristics, towards the most suitable use;
  • analyse raw materials.

- employment outlets:

Graduates will be able to find employment in food industries, catering management companies, consortia and cooperatives in the food sector, raw material selection sector for the entire food chain. QuAM graduates will be able to practise as self-employed professionals, having obtained, at the end of the course, eligibility for registration with the College of Agricultural Technicians and Graduate Agricultural Technicians.

Continuing studies in Second-cycle degrees is not a natural outlet for graduates of this course.