cod. 1001989

Academic year 2011/12
3° year of course - Annual
Professor responsible for the course unit
MARTUZZI Francesca
integrated course unit
11 credits
course unit
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Learning objectives

Knowing basics of breeding techniques of animals for bovine, swine and equine meat production
To be able to evaluate the principal factors of animal breeding and management influencing the quality of meat
To be able to perform a horse morpho-functional evaluation and correctly compiling a horse identification report.


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Course unit content

Beef production: cattle breeding techniques. Functional parameters. Production of: veal, baby beef, beef. Carcass characteristics and meat quality in the different cattle categories. Equine meat production. Carcass characteristics and horse meat quality. Pork production: breeding techniques of young sows, boars, gestating and lactating sows, piglets from birth to weaning. Light and heavy swine production. Carcass characteristics and pork quality. Horse morpho-functional evaluation

Full programme

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Bittante, Andrighetto, Ramanzin. Tecniche di produzione animale.
Liviana Ed.

Teaching methods

Classroom lectures and didactic visits

Assessment methods and criteria

Oral exam

Other information

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