The Department of Veterinary Science is located in Strada del Taglio no. 10, in the Cornocchio locality, in the Zona Annonaria - Fiera area and in the immediate vicinity of the G. Verdi Airport.

How to reach the Department

From the motorway:

  • At the Parma exit, follow signs for Tangenziale di Parma.
  • Enter the ring road towards Aereoporto, Piacenza, Langhirano.
  • After about 1 km, take exit No. 7 (Strada Baganzola).
  • At the roundabout take the first exit towards Parma centre.
  • After 1 km turn right onto Strada Cornocchio, continue for 500 metres and turn left onto Strada del Taglio.

From the train station:

  • urban bus line no. 6 (for information on timetables and routes see the Azienda Trasporti di Parma TEP website);
  • on foot, the Department is approximately 2.5 km away.

From the airport:

  • it is only a few hundred metres from the airport, but it is not advisable to walk, as it is a suburban road.

Taxi +39 0521 252562

Detailed floor plan of the Department

Cartina Dipartimento Scienze Medico Veterinarie
Map of the Department of Veterinary Science


1 Secretariats

Student Registry Office

Teaching secretariat

Education manager

2 Zootechnics and Anatomy Pavilion

Classroom A
Classroom B

Lab. Dissection Anatomy and Microscopic Anatomy

Veterinary Anatomy Unit
Animal Production Unit

3 Infectious Diseases Pavilion and Medical Clinic

Classroom C
Classroom G
Classroom M
Classroom N
Classroom O
Multipurpose room 2
Classroom Avian Pathology

Infectious Diseases Unit
Medical Clinic Unit

4 Inspection Pavilion

Classroom D
Classroom E
Multipurpose Room 1

Pathological Anatomy Unit
Biochemistry Unit
Surgery Unit
Physiology Unit
Food Hygiene Unit
Microbiology and Immunology Unit
Parasitology Unit
Radiology Unit
Land Resources Unit
Food Science Unit

5 Classroom F and Classroom I

Classroom F
Classroom I

Food Hygiene Lab
Food Science Lab

6 University Veterinary Hospital - OVUD

Veterinary Hospital (website, info and opening hours)

Emergency Room for Dogs and Cats

Wards/Intensive care

Surgical rooms - Surgery Veterinary Hospital

Laboratory Medical Clinic

8 Obstetrics and Pharmacology Pavilion

Pharmacology and Endocrinology Unit
Obstetrics and Animal Reproduction Unit

Students lounge

Students office