Professional outlets

The occupational outlets refer to the technical management of livestock enterprises for livestock and horses, as well as technical assistance in processing industries; more specifically, the figures of Breeding Technician, Processing Industry Technician and Horse Breeding Technician are envisaged, all related to professional profiles marked by a high degree of autonomy and collaboration with other figures (such as the Veterinary Doctor or Production Manager) present in the same contexts with different functions. More specifically, the general and common occupational outlets are represented by activities of a self-employed or employed nature, relating to:

a) technical (feed, genetics, welfare, structures), hygienic and economic management of livestock enterprises;

b) qualitative and quantitative improvement of animal production, as well as assistance and verification, also in the laboratory, of the quality of animal products and those of processing

c) laboratory techniques inherent to the quality control of animal feed (feed mills) and OA products (processing plants);

d) technical assistance at livestock farms and consultancy in the various sectors of animal production (feed, feed and supplement industry, reproduction, welfare assessment) and processing.

Further occupational outlets, more related to individual curricula, are related to the technical management of horse farms, equestrian centres and clinics, also in collaboration with other professional figures (veterinary doctors), to consultancy in equine nutrition for feed mills and integrator industries, to the activities of technicians in breeder associations, breed experts, to the introduction to the role of trainer of horse athletes and competition judges (after attending specific courses organised by third party organisations); to activities within the slaughter, meat preservation and dairy industry, to the management and control of processing processes of food of animal origin, to the hygiene and quality of animal productions, to assistance in the supervision and verification of food safety, to activities within the Consortia for the protection of typicality and quality of food, to the qualitative and quantitative improvement of animal productions as well as to assistance and verification, in the laboratory, of the quality of products of animal origin and those of processing to the function of technician for the breeding of animal species for the production of OA foodstuffs, to genetic improvement (technician in breeding and FA centres; technician in Breed Associations); to the activity of technician in biodiversity protection projects.