Thesis/Final examination

The final examination, amounting to 9 ECTS credits, involves the presentation and discussion, in the presence of the degree committee, of a written paper along the lines of a technical report and/or along the lines of a scientific report.

The paper is prepared independently by the graduating student under the supervision of a supervisor.

The Graduation Committee, after approving the paper, awards the grade.

The proclamation takes place at the end of the work of the Degree Committee.

Graduation examinations are public.

Conduct of the final examination

Degree examination sessions normally take place five times per academic year.

The presentation of the dissertation to the committee must be completed within a maximum of 20 minutes.

The discussion, with questions addressed to the student, should last a maximum of 10 minutes.

The time allowed for presentation and discussion is the same for all candidates and all degree sessions, regardless of the number of candidates.

Calendar of graduation sessions and deadlines.

Alma Laurea Services

Graduating students must complete the AlmaLaurea questionnaire: ⇒ AlmaLaurea Questionnaire for Graduating Students

The questionnaire allows students to contribute, with their own judgement, to improving the University, to orienting future students and to carrying out surveys to monitor how the professionalism of graduates fits into the world of work.