cod. 1011734

Academic year 2023/24
1° year of course - Second semester
Annavittoria SARLI
Academic discipline
Sociologia generale (SPS/07)
A scelta dello studente
Type of training activity
Student's choice
12 hours
of face-to-face activities
1 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Integrated course unit module: CARE, SOCIETY AND POLITICS

Learning objectives

After participating in the workshop, students should be able to:
- comprehend the transnational dimension that characterizes care and formal care giving in the context where they live;
- Understand the social processes underlying global care chains and their critical implications;
- reflect on possible strategies to address the main critical issues.



Course unit content

The workshop includes three moments. The first part will be dedicated to conveying the main theoretical tools necessary to understand the transnational dimension that characterizes care and formal care giving in the globalized contemporary world. The social dynamics that have determined the configuration of the phenomenon and the main problems inherent in it will be critically analysed. In a second part, students will be guided in the analysis of different social contexts crossed, in various ways, by care global chains. The third part will be dedicated to the discussion of local practices active in the field of formal care giving, aimed at addressing some critical issues, linked in particular to the transnational dimension of care.

Full programme

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The teaching material for both attending and non-attending students will include compulsory readings (and suggestions for further study) indicated by the lecturers during the course, consistently with the credits awarded for each part of the course (maximum 50 pages for each CFU, for a total of up to 300 pages). The slides used during the lectures are an integral part of the teaching materials. They will be uploaded by the lecturers on the Elly platform, following each lecture and within the same week. None of the materials provided may be shared outside unipr, except with the lecturers' permission.

Teaching methods

The workshop includes:
- frontal classes, with the help of slides, for an initial presentation of the conceptual bases. Interaction with students will be encouraged, for ongoing verification of learning;
- Individual and group exercises, stimulated by watching films and the use of other materials (e.g. excerpts from transcripts of interviews realized by the lecturer and, if possible, recordings of interviews conducted by students themselves);
- Discussions with external experts, operating in the local third sector, who will talk about the practices in which they are involved, in dialogue with students.

Assessment methods and criteria

Both attending and non-attending students will be required to take an exam in Italian, after registering on the Unipr Esse3 platform according to the official exam calendar of the Department of Law, Political and International Studies. It will be a unique written exam for the whole integrated module. It will consist of a 120-minute examination with 6 open questions: 3 for the first part of the module, 1 for each of the subsequent three parts.
Students will have to demonstrate they have learned and understood notions, concepts and theories of the sociology of care, of caregiving, also in its transnational dimension, and of the evolution of the concept of care within the history of political thought. They will also have to demonstrate the ability to apply their knowledge through examples and to discuss what learned by using an appropriate language. The evaluation will be carried out on a scale between 18 and 30, based on a weighted average for the total credits. In order to pass the exam, students will have to pass each of the four parts of the integrated module. Honours will be awarded to students whose score is 30 for each of the questions and who can demonstrate their mastery of the discipline and the capacity to discuss the relevant topics also by means of interdisciplinary connections. The results of the exam will be published on the Esse3 portal within 2 weeks. The lecturers will be available for an appointment to discuss the outcome of the exam.

Other information

The lecturers are available for questions regarding the respective parts of the integrated module. They can be contacted by e-mail with written questions and/or to request an appointment.
For the academic year 2023\2024, the lecturers will meet students on the days/times indicated on the respective lecturer’s page:
Michela Semprebon
Fausto Pagnotta
Stefania Fucci
Annavittoria Sarli

All students are invited to register on the Elly platform and to regularly read the notices (details of any schedule changes, programmes, materials) provided by the lecturers, which will also be communicated in the classroom.

The teacher's office is located on the 4th floor, Philosophy of Law wing, next to the entrance to the Social Services wing. If the door is closed, please ring the bell.