Studying abroad

The University of Parma offers all its students various opportunities to foster the development of a real international dimension of university study. From exchanges in Europe through the Erasmus Plus Programme to extra-European mobility with the Overworld Programme.

Erasmus Plus

Erasmus Plus allows students to spend a study period abroad, up to a maximum of 12 months per study and/or internship cycle, and to receive a mobility grant to partially cover the higher costs of their stay abroad.
The programme consists of:
1) Erasmus+ Study (SMS) which enables students to carry out part of their studies abroad in one of the countries with which the University of Parma has concluded an agreement. The degree course of Social Work guarantees full recognition of educational activities, such as taking examinations and doing research for the dissertation.
2) Erasmus+ internship (SMT) which provides the opportunity to carry out a internship abroad in companies, law firms and organisations.
► Reference professor:
Prof.ssa Stefania Fucci e-mail: The degree course grants full recognition of 6 ECTS credits for the internship carried out.
For information on Calls for Proposals see ⇒ Erasmus plus programme


OVERWORLD is a university programme aimed at expanding study and mobility opportunities towards non-European universities. It consists of the individual mobility of students at one of the universities with a protocol of didactic and scientific collaboration with the University of Parma. The degree course of Social Work guarantees full recognition of educational activities, such as taking examinations and doing research for the dissertation.
For more information on the various programmes and CALLS you can consult the page Mobility under international agreements or you can contact the following contacts:
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Carrying out research and writing the dissertation abroad

Students may carry out research and writing activities abroad for their final examination for their degree course. To this end, before submitting the Teaching Agreement for approval by the Referee, students must obtain the assignment of the dissertation from a Supervisor and the latter's consent to carry out the relevant activities during their stay abroad. This activity, if attested by a certificate issued by the host university, when provided for in the relevant study programme abroad, or by a certificate issued by the Referee acting as guarantor, may be recognised, subject to the favourable opinion of the Supervisor, within the limits of the ECTS credits laid down for the final examination and in accordance with the provisions specific to each degree course.
In any event, in order to pass the final examination, students must sit the graduation examination in the form provided for the course they belong to and the examination will be subject to assessment by the relevant Degree Examination Committee in accordance with the rules of each course.
For the purposes of assessing the final examination for the degree course to which it belongs, the Degree Examination Committee takes into account the conduct of research and writing abroad.

Language courses at the University Language Centre

The university offers, through the activities of the CLA (University Language Centre), services aimed at learning modern foreign languages, from European languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian) to non-European languages (Chinese, Japanese and Arabic). The CLA develops courses aimed at preparing for international certifications and the Language Placement Test (LPT), as well as collaborative learning activities (Tandem Learning). More information can be found at:

In particular, students can refer to the page dedicated to courses for UNIPR students (Menu COURSES > COURSES FOR UNIPR STUDENTS), at the following link:

Internationalisation tutor

Internationalisation tutors support internationalisation programmes and projects at the Department. These activities include the dissemination of internationalisation opportunities to students enrolled in the various courses of study and support for students already on mobility during the academic year.
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Information for internationally mobile students in Parma

1) Erasmus+ students are invited to report upon their arrival in Italy, as well as once a month during their stay in Parma, to the competent Department Delegate;

2) Examinations taken at the University of Parma entail the assignment of a grade in thirtieths; 3) the ECTS system is operational; the ECTS credit table can be consulted on the University of Parma website.
For further information please contact
Erasmus and International Home - P.le San Francesco, 3 43121 Parma - ITALY Tel. +39.0521.034203 Association of International Exchange Students (ASSI), at the Erasmus Office, or at the following E-mail address:
For course units and programmes see
Courses offered in English (Departmental courses)

Italian Language Courses for Erasmus students (Courses to learn Italian)