Examination calendar

 Dates of examinations can be consulted in the APPOINTMENTS NOTICE BOARD on Esse3. (Please note: before searching on the notice board, set the date range in the fields 'exam date from' and 'exam date to' as the first filter, followed by 'Department' in which to select: 'H2 - Department of Law, Politics and International Studies' and any other fields).
In the first attached document, you can see the list with the full committees of all active courses. The names of 'Teaching assistants', not present in Esse3, are indicated in the Commissions.
The second document contains the names of the professors/instructors to be contacted in order to take the examinations for the deactivated courses.


Examination enrolment information

In order to register for an examination, you must:
1. Have completed the Programme of Study online The student must submit the Programme of Study online otherwise he/she will not be able to enrol and, therefore, take the examinations of his/her year but only those of the previous year. For example, a student in year III may only register for examinations in years I and II but will not be able to sit for year III examinations or complete the teaching evaluation questionnaires until he/she submits the Programme of Study.



The student may only sit examinations at the end of the semester in which the course was taught (from December for first-semester courses; from May for second-semester or annual courses). For courses from previous years, attendance is deemed to have already been acquired, so the student may take the examinations at any call.
N.B. When the student inserts a new 'elective' course in the current academic year's Programme of Study, even if it replaces a course chosen in previous years, he/she is obliged to comply with the semester requirement. 
Students transferring from other universities are requested to inquire at the Student Registry Office about any attendance already acquired at their university of origin.

4. Have complied with the mandatory "PREREQUISITES", if provided for in its own regulations

5. Be up-to-date with the payment of fees (under penalty of cancellation of the examination wrongly taken)

Enrolment for examinations by e-mail - Students enrolled in a degree course closed to new students

Students enrolled in a degree course closed to new students (see ⇒dedicated page) cannot enrol on Esse3; in order to proceed with enrolment for a session, they must send an e-mail directly to the professor/instructor in charge of the course unit.



Student opinion survey questionnaires (OPIS)

The survey of students' opinions concerning teaching is implemented by means of the 'Student Opinion Survey Questionnaires (OPIS)' and is an indispensable element in enabling the improvement of teaching, quality and organisation of degree courses.

A 90-minute information video is available at https://youtu.be/TmqvjU6DQdY . This video provides information of interest to students.
The Questionnaire should be completed by the student at the end of the class cycle of each course.
For students who have not previously taken the assessment, the ESSE3 IT system requires mandatory completion of the questionnaires when registering for the examination.

The Bachelor of Social Work, for the completion of questionnaires related to a.y. 2022/2023 teachings, has identified the following start periods:

  •     14/11/2022 to 30/09/2023 (teachings 1st semester)
  •     20/03/2023 to 28/02/2024 (2nd semester and Annual teachings)


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