Course presentation

The degree course in 'Social Work' aims to train graduates who are familiar with the theories and approaches useful for social work and who therefore have mastered the methods and techniques of social work.
The course prepares for the profession of social worker, which can be exercised, either independently or as an employee, within the social services of administrations, institutions and third sector organisations.
For these purposes, the training of the social work graduate includes activities aimed primarily at acquiring basic knowledge in the fields of sociology, psychology, law and economics. The graduate will also have to acquire the methods of social work in its specificity. To this end, the teaching modules relating to the professional area also make use of experienced social service professionals. The quality of teaching is also ensured through the provision of workshops, in-depth meetings on practical cases and situated teaching experiences in order to guarantee, in addition to a sound theoretical preparation, a casuistic and practical approach, which is highly appreciated by the students.
Considerable importance is attached to training internships, in Italian and foreign social service facilities, within the framework of international agreements.
Throughout the course, the student can rely not only on the professors/instructors, but also on a teaching manager and the help of student tutors to deal with any organisational difficulties, or the study of individual subjects. The Degree Course organises regular job advising/guidance meetings with professionals and social work practitioners who are called upon to illustrate the features of their work.

Presentation of the Degree Course