Non-selective test

Assessment test for students with a secondary school leaving certificate below 70/100 (or 42/60)

First year students with a secondary school leaving certificate below 70/100 (or 42/60) are subject to a preliminary assessment of their preparation, subject to the exceptions provided for. In the event they fail to pass the prescribed tests or to fulfil the additional educational obligations (OFA) within the first year of the course, the students may not take any examinations.
The assessment test has a non-selective character, but is compulsory. There is no ranking; the test can be either 'passed' or 'failed'.

Exemption from the test

The following are exempt from the entry test:

  • graduates from another degree course;
  • those enrolled for transfer, transition from other courses and those enrolled for withdrawal or forfeiture who have taken at least two examinations in their course of origin;
  • students who have participated, at secondary schools, in any entry advising/guidance courses that provide for a final examination as established in a specific resolution of the Degree Course Committee.

Procedures and dates

The test, designed to ascertain possession of an adequate study method allowing a correct approach to understanding and analysing the text, consists of reading a scientific text (containing language and arguments from the legal, economic, historical or sociological disciplines) of a level comparable to those of the first year of university study and performing the following tasks: highlighting 3 to 5 key words; giving an appropriate explanation of the meaning of the key words identified and indicating a synonym for each of them; summarising the passage by approximately 15\20 lines.
 Passing the test does not lead to the acquisition of ECTS credits in the relevant teaching or Academic disciplines.
A second similar test, for students who were unable to attend the first date or who failed the first test, will be held in October.

In the a.y. 2022/2023, the tests will be held in written form on the following dates:

Friday, September 30, 2022, 10 a.m.
Thursday, October 27, 2022, 10 a.m.

The result of the test will be communicated by the Commission to the student at the end of the test and to the Student Registry Office. In the event of any logical or lexical deficiencies demonstrated by the student in the test, the Commission takes care to point them out, explain them and give reasons for them to the student.

Additional Educational Obligations (OFA)

Those who do not attend the test or fail it will be directed to additional training obligations (OFA). In particular, an 8-hour preparatory course will be organised before the winter examination session, held by Course professors/instructors and Department Tutors. The aim of the course is to enable the student to familiarise with some methods of approaching the comprehension of a specialised text, using techniques appropriate to the disciplines covered in the course, with particular reference to strategies for summarising a text, the use of mind maps and/or conceptual maps to facilitate syndissertation work, and the use of specialised vocabularies for the correct acquisition of key words and principles. The dates of the preparatory course classes will be communicated via the course website. Additional training obligations are deemed to be fulfilled if at least 75% of the preparatory course is attended.
Students who have not attended this preparatory course will be directed to supplementary training and tutoring activities, for a minimum attendance of 6 hours and within the first examination session, aimed at filling the gaps revealed by the entrance test.
Students who have not fulfilled the OFA will not be allowed to take examinations. In addition, students who have not fulfilled their additional training obligations by September of the year following enrolment will be able to enrol in the second year of the course, but will not be able to sit examinations before the OFAs have been fulfilled.