cod. 16057

Academic year 2022/23
1° year of course - First semester
- Beatrice PANZERI
Academic discipline
Indefinito/interdisciplinare (NN)
Per la conoscenza di almeno una lingua straniera
Type of training activity
Language/Final test
20 hours
of face-to-face activities
2 credits
course unit

Learning objectives

The aim of the course is to teach students basic medical-scientific English terminology so that they are able to read and translate simple texts in the midwifery field, with particular emphasis to the hospital environment.
The course will allow midwives to acquire oral comprehension and communication skills in English, so that they can communicate effectively with foreign women and families.
Such knowledge and skills can also be applied for the purpose of updating and improving their professional background.
At the end of the course students must be able to:
- Appropriately use English terminology in the midwifery field regarding body parts, medical figures, pathology, semiotics, investigation, treatment, examination and prevention;
- Apply their lexical knowledge to the professional context;
- Be able to communicate in English with women and their families;
- Acquire the terminology and the basic concepts of research, obtain an abstract from a full text;
- Read and understand medical-scientific articles and reports.


- - -

Course unit content

The Midwifery course of the University of Parma is a professionalizing course, during this course, students are motivated to learn, acquire and use English in their field of interest: filling in antenatal booking, knowing how to communicate with the woman and facilitate her admission to the delivery room, knowing how to understand the woman's needs, providing support during post partum period and during breastfeeding.
The teacher will help students to use their knowledge and English grammar, expand it, improve it and integrate it with new acquisitions, to be able to communicate with certain groups of people about specific topics, read and write scientific articles, understand and actively participate in international conferences and courses.

Full programme

English teaching aims to expand, integrate and improve students' knowledge so that they can communicate with certain groups of people about specific topics, read and write scientific articles, understand and actively participate in international conferences and courses.
The course will therefore be carried out according to the following:
- Presentation of the course, content, training goals, materials and methods
- Review of the basic English grammar
- terminology concerning parts of the human body
- medical/obstetric terminology regarding antenatal booking, communication with the woman during labor, postpartum period and breastfeeding.
- reading scientific articles
- reading guidelines
- Viewing English-language videos in the medical/scientific field


The materials used includes books (Midwifery Preparation for Practice by S.Pairman, S.Tracy et al.), NICE guidelines, real tests, parts of GE (General English) and ESP texts, materials prepared by the teacher, videos, topics and tasks related to the profession of midwife.

Teaching methods

- Frontal lessons
- Simulations - role playing
- Power point presentations
- Reading scientific articles and guidelines
- Videos
- Individual, couple and group works
- Additional materials: handouts, brochures, books
- Web sites

Assessment methods and criteria

Written exam (through translation of scientific texts / articles) or oral (through simulations / role play) - at the discretion of the teacher

Other information

Duty of attendance equal to 75% of the scheduled time