Admission test

The number of available places is programmed at national level pursuant to Article 1 of Law 264/1999.
Admission to the degree course is open to candidates holding a secondary-school diploma or an equivalent foreign qualification, pursuant to Ministerial Decree DM 270/04, Art 6(1). 
The test for admission to the Degree in Midwifery for the coming academic year 2023/2024 will take place on 14 September 2023.
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Admission to degree courses in the health professions

National admission tests

The degree course in Midwifery has nationally scheduled access: enrolment on the course is subject to passing the admission test.
Admission to the course is regulated, for each academic year, by a specific decree of the MUR (Ministry of Universities and Research), which defines the procedures for the admission test, its content and sets the date.
Announcements, the number of places and further information can be found on this webpage: LINK
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Vaccination obligations

Vaccinations for students enrolling on the 1st year of degree courses in the Health Professions:
When enrolling in the first year of the course, the student will undertake to send, within 60 days, a vaccination certificate relating to the tuberculin test to be carried out using the Mantoux technique, to the ASL of residence, in accordance with the provisions of the guidelines for the control of tuberculous (Agreement of 15 March 2013 of the State-Regions Conference) and D.P.R. 7 November 2001, no. 465, regulating anti-tuberculosis vaccination.
We also recommend, pursuant to Law No. 165 of 27 May 1991, the vaccination against viral hepatitis B, which is offered free of charge to persons working, studying and volunteering in the health sector, at the health authority of their municipality of residence.
Students should send their certificates to of the Servizio di Medicina Preventiva dei Lavoratori dell’Università di Parma (Preventive Medicine Service for Employees of the University of Parma), Padiglione della Biblioteca Centrale di Medicina e Chirurgia, 14 Via Gramsci.