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The degree course in Midwifery is a course that has a long history and tradition, but has always kept in step with the times.
Thanks to the extensive network of agreements with healthcare facilities in the area, right from the first year you will have the opportunity to attend training placements in numerous qualified settings. The teaching staff, largely drawn from the world of the midwifery profession, guarantees high quality teaching.
During your studies, you will become aware of the midwife's many areas of expertise and the importance of her role for women. You will be able to carry out exercises using new technology simulators at the SIMLAB teaching laboratory and the teaching laboratory in the Obstetrics-Gynaecology Clinic.
The degree course is geared towards internationalisation. In addition to the Erasmus+ Programme, our cooperation protocol with the 'Universidade de São Paulo' in Brazil will enable those who pass the selection process based on their curriculum vitae to simultaneously acquire a degree in ‘Obstetrícia' at the Brazilian university and thus the possibility of practising the profession in both EU countries and Brazil.

Health professions degree
Admission test
course in Italian
class L/SNT1
180 credits


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Prof. Tullio GHI

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Dott.ssa Serena Neri

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Dott.ssa Serena Neri

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Prof.ssa Thelma Pertinhez
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Prof.ssa Paola Affanni


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