Course President

Prof. Tullio Ghi  
The President convenes and chairs the Course Council and supervises its activities.

Course Council

The tasks of the Course Council are governed by the University Degree Course Regulations.
The Council consists of the course professors/instructors and researchers as well as a student representative.
Student representatives: Caterina Bedeschi

Director of Professionalising Teaching Activities (DADP)

Prof.ssa Serena Neri

The Director of Professionalising Teaching Activities (DADP) collaborates with the Course President and complies with the resolutions of the Course Council, ensuring the following functions:
coordination of the practical and work placement training activities defined by the degree course regulations, in synergy with the other course units defined by the regulations;
monitoring of the consistency between the theoretical-practical and work placement course units and the professionalising learning objectives of the degree course;
identification of the personnel to be entrusted with the functions of work placement tutors. If the staff member is an employee of a Health Authority, his/her identification is also conducted in agreement with the Director of the Health Authority in question.
Identification, in agreement with the Health Authority's Service Directorate involved, of suitable venues for placement activities:
drafting of the ‘Training Agreement’ to be submitted annually to the Degree Course Council for approval;
reference for students in the procedures for activating placements.

Quality Assurance Manager (RAQ)

Prof.ssa Paola Affanni 

works with the course president and the director of the department on planning improvement actions and controls their implementation; monitors the correct performance of teaching activities and support services; informs the course president of any problems concerning the correct performance of teaching activities, which may also be based on any student feedback.


Education Manager (MQD)

Sandra Cavalca

The Education Manager ensures the organisation and functionality of educational aspects of the degree course, manages and updates the content of the degree course website.

Review Group (GdR)

The GdR:
has the task of guiding the course towards the objective of continually improving results. It manages the self-assessment process by periodically monitoring the course data, detecting strengths and weaknesses and proposing corrective and improvement actions.

Tutoring and Guidance Delegate

Prof.ssa Francesca Frati

Guidance and tutoring activities support students in their choice of university pathway and throughout their studies.

International Student Mobility Committee

The committee manages student mobility (incoming and outgoing) in relation to all international exchange programmes (Erasmus Plus, Overworld etc.).

Career Guidance Delegate

Prof.ssa Serena Neri

The Delegate organises and promotes initiatives aimed at facilitating the entry of graduates and graduating students into the world of work.

Joint Committee of Teachers and Students (CPDS)

Each department establishes a Joint Committee of Teachers and Students (CPDS) consisting of one lecturer and one student from each course of study pertaining to the department.

The CPDS is a permanent observatory on teaching activities.