cod. 1010033

Academic year 2022/23
2° year of course - Second semester
- Alessandra FABBRI
Academic discipline
Scienze tecniche dietetiche applicate (MED/49)
A scelta dello studente
Type of training activity
Student's choice
24 hours
of face-to-face activities
3 credits
course unit

Learning objectives

Specific knowledge of the different levels of nutritional prevention and different approaches • Knowledge of the methodology for evaluating and validating community diets (age and physiological conditions) • Ability to apply the knowledge acquired in the context of dietetics, to develop health nutritional promotion projects • Ability to synthesize information and communicate it effectively to the individual and the community, applying motivational counseling


Basic knowledge of applied human nutrition, anthropometry and assessment of nutrition status • Basic knowledge of individual and community dietetics

Course unit content

Nutritional prevention: primary, secondary and tertiary prophylaxis • Monitoring and verification of collective catering, validation of collective diets according to the Food Guidelines and Recommended Intake Levels of energy and nutrients for the Italian population• Nutritional surveillance in Public Health: analysis and discussion of the main surveillance interventions (OKkio, Passi, HBSC) • Motivational counselling in nutrition: accompanying change • Public health projects: nutritional health promotion projects; Methodology, analysis and feasibility

Full programme

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Slides of the lessons, in-depth material and textbooks indicated by the teacher during the lessons

Teaching methods

The course will be carried out through lectures, with attention to maintaining interactivity, including practical exercises and the presentation of case studies. In this way students will be able to interact actively with the teacher. The course uses teaching material consisting mainly of slides discussed during the lectures

Assessment methods and criteria

The final evaluation, expressed in court, will focus on the presentation of a public health project and will depend on the level of knowledge of the methodology discussed in class, the ability to apply the acquired knowledge and to make connections between the topics covered, the exhibition capacity and the completeness of the project, respecting the timing and preparation indications provided by the teacher during the lessons

Other information

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