Characteristics of the final examination

The award of the Second-cycle degree envisages the presentation and discussion, in the presence of the Second-cycle Degree Committee, of a written dissertation in Italian or English, written independently by the graduating student under the supervision of a supervisor; in particular cases, the dissertation may represent an original activity of compilative treatment of emerging problems of particular innovativeness or complexity.
As part of the final thesis, an internship under the guidance of a university tutor at university facilities or affiliated organisations/companies in accordance with the procedures laid down in the study course regulations is envisaged.
The Second-cycle thesis activity corresponds to 21 ECTS credits (525 hours) of which 11 ECTS credits (275 hours) are related to the internship and 10 ECTS credits (250 hours) to the final examination.
The final grade is expressed in 100ths (plus honours, if any) In determining the final grade, the Committee takes into account the weighted average of the grades obtained in the educational activities in the career. The average in hundredths is rounded up or down if the two digits after the decimal point are equal to/above 50 or below. This average is increased, on the basis of the assessment carried out by the Degree Committee, by a mark calculated on the basis of criteria that are set out in detail and explained in the Course Regulations and the Final Examination Regulations.
Praise must be unanimously approved by the Committee.

Conduct of the final examination

At the end of the thesis, the Committee asks questions about the work done and related topics. The Committee assesses the candidate's exposition and expresses a judgement taking into account the Supervisor's judgement and the student's entire course of study, also assessing the student's cultural maturity and capacity for elaboration as well as the quality of the work carried out during the thesis activity.
The function of Supervisor may be performed by any teaching staff member or researcher who is a member of the Department of Food and Drug or who is entrusted with teaching activities within the framework of courses of study hinged on the Department.
Completion of the degree leads to the academic qualification of a Second-cycle Degree in Human Nutrition Sciences.

Application procedure for admission to the degree examination

The application procedure for admission to sit the degree examination is exclusively online.
Links to information and instructions for the online application for graduation:

The relevant deadlines can be found in the teaching calendar and displayed on the 'graduation calendar and deadlines' page

Course appreciation questionnaire

Graduate students are invited to fill in the course appreciation questionnaire prepared by the teaching staff and student component of the Joint Committee of the Department of Food and Drug. The questionnaire must be completed in the vicinity of the chosen graduation session.


Almalaurea questionnaire

As of the December 2020 degrees, registration on AlmaLaurea and completion of the related questionnaire are mandatory for all students enrolled in study courses, in order to submit the application for graduation online via the ESSE3 system.
If the student has not done the above, he/she will see a blocking screen when submitting the application for the degree, showing that the Almalaurea questionnaire has not been completed.
Below is the link to the instructions for registering and filling in the Almalaurea questionnaire.
Instructions for registration and filling in the Almalaurea questionnaire

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