Studying abroad

The University of Parma offers all its students various opportunities to foster the development of a real international dimension of university study. From exchanges in Europe through the Erasmus Plus Programme to extra-European mobility with the Overworld Programme and numerous pathways for acquiring a double degree.
Some study courses, in fact, thanks to the conclusion of international agreements with partner universities, provide the opportunity, at the end of the university course, to obtain a double degree with one or more associated foreign universities.

Assistance and agreements for international mobility

Students enrolled in the Food Science and Technology degree programme can access the Erasmus+ programme from their second year of enrolment, benefiting from scholarships of varying lengths of 4-10 months at universities with which international agreements are in place.
The selection is carried out each year on the basis of criteria that take into account the university career, the language skills required by the destination and personal motivation. Selected students are supported both before their departure and throughout their journey abroad in the choice and development of their programme of study by the course contact person for international mobility.
The intrenship abroad for the purpose of obtaining a degree can be carried out either within the Erasmus+ project or at universities or organisations that have a mobility agreement with the University of Parma.
In addition, as part of the Erasmus+ Internship programme and following appropriate selection, students can carry out extra-curricular training placements in foreign-based companies or institutions for up to 12 months after graduation.
In order to coordinate the University's central activity with that at departmental level, the International Mobility Committee is established within the Department.