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Health, wellbeing and healthy, active ageing are key requirements for ensuring the priority goals of modern Western societies in terms of high quality of life and the sustainability of healthcare systems. Achieving these goals requires a preventive approach other than a strictly clinical one, inevitably involving human nutrition including aspects of food supplements and functional foods.
This Second-cycle Degree Course in Human Nutrition Sciences (Class LM-61) is intended to be a training tool capable of preparing professionals able to respond to the demands of the world of work determined also by the strong development of the market for supplements and functional foods in Italy and worldwide.
In addition to the aspects of appropriate nutrition, the course aims to explore the preparation of products specifically formulated to ensure and promote the health of individuals by reducing the use of drugs.
The course is intended to be a field of specialisation and professional enrichment for graduates with initial multidisciplinary skills that can be acquired in different degree courses, with the aim of training a professional figure who, in addition to the skills of Nutritionist, is able to comprehensively and systematically address the needs of the world of production and services concerning the sector of food products with a high nutritional impact and with health value, as well as to address, at all levels, aspects of research and development, manufacturing and quality control, nutrivigilance, regulation and marketing, also enabling registration with the Order of Biologists, which is necessary to legally entitle the professional to assess the state of nutrition and nutritional needs of humans and to develop and determine optimal diets, with outlets in the catering and nutritional counseling sectors.

Second-cycle degree course
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course in Italian
class LM-61
120 credits


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10/10/2022 - 13:13
Degree course
Activation of the "Internship Desk"


We inform you that the University has activated, as part of the Internship Unit, an "Internship Desk" aimed at its students who have included this activity in the programme of study.

The service aims to carry out the following activities:

- cognitive interviews of orientation of the students to the choice of the curricular internship;

- consultancy in the drafting of CVs for self-application;

- intermediation of demand / supply of curricular internship between students and companies;   promotion of internships, in collaboration with the Departments, with a view to enhancing the educational method "of learning by doing", taking advantage of the training contribution offered by companies, public bodies and the third sector.

 Interested students can contact Dr. Mariano Benedetto Allodi to book an appointment online, by sending an email to In politely asking to give wide dissemination to the initiative within the departmental structures, the opportunity is welcome to offer the most cordial greetings.


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