Course units and programme of study

The programme of study is the set of compulsory and elective courses that the student must take in order to graduate.
Submission of the programme of study for your year of enrolment is compulsory and is required, in particular, for registration for examinations and for completion of the teaching evaluation questionnaires.
All current students must submit their programme of study online via the Esse3 system The programme of study may differ according to the academic year of enrolment ('cohort'); it may also provide for a choice between different study paths ('curriculum').
To see the list of courses that you can include in your programme of study, select the academic year of enrolment and, if available, the curriculum.
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List of courses

How to obtain essential information on each course (Syllabus) - How to check the dates of the exams before having completed the study plan

The syllabus of a teaching provides the essential information of this teaching.

Contents - Extended program - Prerequisites - Reference texts - Educational objectives - Teaching methods - Learning assessment procedures

The teachers publish the Syllabus for each course.

To view the syllabus of the teachings it is necessary to go to the paragraph "LIST OF COURSES" of this web page, which allows the research of the teachings in the various years.

- Select the year of enrollment (the academic year in which the student enrolled in the course and in which he therefore attended the 1st year - e.g. a student enrolling in the 2nd year in 2024-2025 and want to view the syllabuses of the various courses that will be offered for 2nd year students in the 2024-2025 a.y., will have to select the 2023-2024 enrollment a.y. and then the 2nd year of the course)
- Click on "SEARCH"
- Select the course year (1st year - 2nd year)

In this way you get a list of all the teachings. This list shows:
Name of the course - No. of credits (credits) - Name of the teacher - Scheduled hours of frontal lessons

Clicking on the name of each course opens the page containing the related Syllabus.

To see the dates of the exam sessions for the current year before completing the study plan, open the following link:

Select the time interval you are interested in,
Select Department H6,
Select the degree course (Gastronomic Sciences 3069 1st and 2nd year -3055 3rd year - Food Science and Technology 3000, Master of Food Science and Technology 5000, Master of Science of Human Nutrition 5068, Master of Food Safety 5064)
Select the course of interest

How the programme of study works

The list of courses in the programme of study represents the set of training activities that can be envisaged for each of the years of which the course of study consists and changes according to the year in which the student enrols. Free or restricted-choice subjects are optional learning activities that students may include in their programme of study according to the choice criteria specified on this page; the remaining subjects are compulsory for all students.
The programme of study must be submitted online by the student for each year using the ESSE3 system (see dedicated section).
Students are allowed to submit their own programme of study with options other than those presented on this page (and available in ESSE3), as long as it is consistent with achieving the course's educational objectives. In that case, the programme must be submitted to the Course Council for approval.

Attendance of classes and tutorials


Laboratory exercises are provided for 1st year students in Pharmacology and Basics of Applied Nutrition and Assessment of Nutrition Status.
Attendance at laboratory exercises is compulsory.
Pharmacology tutorials will take place entirely during the month of January according to a rotation schedule that will be drawn up after the start of classes.
The Basics of Applied Nutrition and Assessment of Nutrition Status exercises will take place in semester 2, according to a rota schedule to be drawn up at the beginning of semester 2.
Attendance of classes is not compulsory.


For students enrolling in the a.y. 2024-2025:

The examination of "Biochemistry and metabolism of nutrients" 6 ECTS credits - BIO/10 - 1st SEMESTER

is preparatory

to the examination of "Biochemistry and pathology of nutrition" - 6 ECTS credits - 2nd SEMESTER.

For this reason, it will be necessary to take the 'Biochemistry and Nutrient Metabolism' exam before registering for the 'Biochemistry and Pathology of Nutrition' exam.

English language qualifying exam B2

For information regarding lessons and examinations of the teaching "English language qualifying exam B2" planned for the 2nd year please consult the following link: 

Preparatory classes for the exam are conducted on Teams starting on September 2024.

Class schedules are posted at the link above 

"Pharmacology and Toxicology" and "Human Nutrition" not allowed to be chosen by students from other degree programs

The Course Council of the LM SNU has resolved that students of other bachelor's, master's and single-cycle degree courses of the University will no longer be able to choose as optional course units the following course units included in the master's degree course in Nutrition Sciences Human:

- Pharmacology and Toxicology

- Human Nutrition

These course units include mandatory laboratory activities that take place over numerous shifts and for this reason it is not possible to accommodate a number of students higher than that fixed for students of Human Nutrition Sciences.

Purchasing individual course units

Italian and foreign citizens not enrolled in courses at the university, even if they already hold a university degree, may enrol in individual course units and sit for the relevant examination, receiving regular certification, for a maximum number of 30 ECTS credits.
For details on how to enrol in individual course units, please consult the page on the University website: 

The possibility of enrolling in individual course units and for a maximum number of 30 ECTS credits is permitted, without prejudice to the possibility of increasing the aforementioned number of ECTS credits for justified training needs by the Course Council.
Single course units are not permitted for courses involving laboratory activities.

Applications for 1st semester and annualised single course units must be submitted as indicated on the University website page - - by the deadline of 30 September 2024.
Applications for the purchase of 2nd semester single course units must be submitted as indicated on the University website page - - by the deadline of 23 February 2025. 
Applications sent after these deadlines will not be considered.


Student opinion survey questionnaire

The survey of students' opinions concerning teaching is implemented by means of the 'Student Opinion Survey Questionnaires (OPIS)' and is an indispensable element in enabling the improvement of teaching, quality and organisation of study courses.
A 90-minute information video is available at This video provides information of interest to all students.
The Questionnaire should be completed by the student at the end of the lecture cycle of each course unit.
For students who have not previously taken the assessment, the ESSE3 IT system requires mandatory completion of the questionnaires when registering for the examination.
For more in-depth information click HERE

Part-time students

Part-time means the possibility given to each student, who does not have full availability of his or her own time to devote to study, according to the indications given in Art. 2 of the Regulations for part-time enrolment, to agree, at the time of enrolment or during the subsequent academic years of enrolment, on a course of study with a number of university credits (ECTS) equal to 50% of the annual number of credits.
Regulations for enrolling part-time students

Part-time programme of study for enrolled students a.y. 2024-2025

Part-time programme of study for enrolled students a.y. 2023-2024

Part-time programme of study for enrolled students a.y. 2022-2023

Part-time programme of study for enrolled students a.y. 2021-2022