cod. 1008247

Academic year 2021/22
1° year of course - Second semester
Professor responsible for the course unit
CUGINI Lodovica
integrated course unit
7 credits
course unit

Learning objectives

The goal of the course is to provide to student specific knowledge and skills addressed by individual teachings that are members of Basic Midwifery 2


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Course unit content

Integrated course covers the contents of the teaching:
Basic obstetrics and nursing care; Basic assistance laboratory; Applied dietary sciences and techniques; Prenatal diagnosis elements; Breastfeeding course.

Full programme

Basic Obstetric and Nursing care: Concept of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. Hands washing. Personal Protective Devices and Individual security (DPI). Disposal of medical waste. Cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary and thermoregulator system and methods of assessment. Infections related to ICPA prevention. Collection of biological samples. Safe drugs administration.
Basic assistance laboratory: The course consists on practical application of the theory learned in the course of obstetric-gynecological nursing Sciences, (through laboratory work). Detecting vital signs. Therapeutic intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous administration. The collection of a blood sample through venipuncture. Peripheral Venous Catheter: application and management. Female bladder catheterization. Collection of biological samples: swabs, urine and blood culture cultivation.
Prenatal diagnosis elements: Obstetric and Gynecological ultrasound basic knowledge. Presenting various methods of midwifery surveys provided by the Italian guidelines, with particular reference to the patient’s execution time and selection for ultrasound.
Breastfeeding course: Breastfeeding benefits and UNICEF/OMS indications about infant feed. Breastfeeding physiology. The ten steps to breast successfully. Evaluation of a feeding. Breastfeeding and drugs. Breastfeeding contraindications. Support of maternal breastfeeding. Marketing of maternal milk substitutes. Discussion of clinical cases.


Albinelli P., The nurse between theory and practice, a manual for the clinical laboratory teaching. Athena Ed., 2008.
Costantini W., Calistri D., MIDWIFERY. Scientific-cultural bases. Piccin Ed., 2013.
Breastfeeding: practical Course Counselling, guide to the trainer.
Breastfeeding: practical course in Counselling participant manual.
Slides and audiovisual material.

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons, interactive lessons and exercises. Slides and audiovisual material

Assessment methods and criteria

The student’s knowledge, topics’ comprehension and her/his skills to apply them on the occupational contexts will be evaluated by questions on the topics related to the course content. Failed answer to one or more questions or proved insufficiency of the basic knowledge on the subject will preclude the successful completion of the exam. In case of completion of the exam, an evaluation that contributes to the final grade of the course will be defined and it will be based on the achievement of the objectives (evaluated in thirtieth).

Other information

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