cod. 1006675

Academic year 2022/23
3° year of course - First semester
Francesca FRATI
Academic discipline
Scienze infermieristiche ostetrico-ginecologiche (MED/47)
Scienze ostetriche
Type of training activity
10 hours
of face-to-face activities
1 credits
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course unit

Integrated course unit module: Advanced midwifery

Learning objectives

acquire basic skills in order to be able to read scientific articles and conduct a literature review in preparation for the final thesis


Course unit content

Review of basic concepts.
The main aspects and methods of scientific research in obstetrics: medicine based on scientific evidence of effectiveness (EBM), research and review of the literature; the use of databases (Cochrane Library e
Medline / PubMed); the reading and evaluation of scientific texts; the methodology for drafting clinical trial protocols.

Full programme


Fondamenti di ricerca infermieristica Polit; Beck. Mc Graw Hill
Costantini W., Calistri D. – OSTETRICA – libro 2. Piccin
Evidence-based clinical practice. La pratica clinico-assistenziale basata su prove di efficacia Chiari P. Mc Graw Hill

Teaching methods

The course will be carried out through face-to-face lectures (classroom) and work in
small groups. The material will be available on the Elly platform

Assessment methods and criteria

The evaluation takes place through an oral exam with a score expressed in
thirtieths. In case of problems will be possible use teams platform

Other information