cod. 00385

Academic year 2022/23
3° year of course - First semester
Giancarlo ANELLO
Academic discipline
Filosofia del diritto (IUS/20)
Attività formative affini o integrative
Type of training activity
30 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
course unit

Learning objectives

The course aims to provide students with the critical elements to understand and evaluate the notion of justice in Judaism



Course unit content

After an introduction about the legal lexicon, the course will deal with the notion of Justice

Full programme

Justice in Judaism.
Introduction to the course
- Modalities; Contents and Program; Examination
- Introduction to legal language
- Introduction to the philosophy of law.
Introduction to Yoshe Kalb
- Law and literature
- Introduction to the Jewish religion. Currents and movements
- Sources of Jewish law. Genres of Jewish literature.
First Reading
- Part One: The marriage of Serele and Nahum in Nyesheve (Galicia-Austria), pp. 21-25. The Rite
The marriage of Serele and Nahum, pp. 59-63; 88-89. The unhappy relationship
(follows marriage between Rabbi Melech and Malka)
- The chassidic "court": meaning, authority, functioning, pp. 33-37 (theme of jurisdiction); The chassidic movement: chassidim/tzadikim, p. 37-39
- Summary of the end of Part 1. The fire, p. 122-124 The sin of fornication, p. 129-133. Malka dies in childbirth; Nahum disappears (pp. 134-135. Rabbinical court order to expel the infant); The Jewish afterlife.
Yoshe's appearance in synagogue in Bielogura-Russian Poland) The Jewish system of administration; fairs and the synagogue, pp. 139-144
- Suicides, Superstitions: The remedy of the Saint's name, p. 158-163. Epidemic in the city, p. 168. Rabbinic PROCLAMA: pp. 169-170; injunction pp. 171-172. Discovery of Zivya's sin, p. 173.
- Episode of Rabbi Meir's arrest, measures of secularization of Jewish communities, "messianic" era, pp. 176-180
- The indictment on yoshe and the court's preliminary proceedings: pp. 188-191 and 192-202. Outcome of the decision: reparative marriage between Yoshe and Zivya, p. 203 and Yoshe's abandonment, p. 211. (Part Three) Yoshe reappears at Nyesheve in synagogue, p. 217 and then at Rabbi Melech and Serele's, p. 220-221; The topos of the return of the stranger (Martin Guerre); Recognition of Nahum as Yoshe Kalb by the rabbi of Bielogura and disagreements between the two "courts," p. 231-235; first confrontation between witnesses, p. 239-242
- Proclamation convening the court of 70, p. 256-258; Beginning and conduct of the trial, pp. 258-273.


IJ Singer, Yoshe Kalb, Adelphi, Milano, 2016;
Giancarlo Anello, L'uomo abitato da Dio, Genova, 2020

Teaching methods

The course will take place through lectures, readings, and seminars

Assessment methods and criteria

The exam consists of an oral exam on the legal lexicon and the critical notion of justice in Judaism

Other information

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