Non-selective test

This section explains what the compulsory but non-selective entrance test consists of.

The non-selective evaluation test

The Course Regulations (Art. 2(3), (4)) stipulate that newly enrolled students are subject to a written admission test to ascertain their ability to understand a text and their expressive and argumentative skills. The test is compulsory, but failure does not affect admission to the course.
An incoming student coming from another degree course or another university with ECTS credit recognition or already in possession of a degree is not subject to the obligation of an initial knowledge test (Course Regulations, Art. 2, para. 5).
This test consists of a concise presentation of the ideas and arguments of an assigned short philosophical text. In the evaluation, particular consideration will be given to clarity of exposition and the ability to identify the logical thread of the arguments proposed by the philosophical text. The written admission test will be repeated in the second semester for students enrolled after the first test was held.
Students who reveal significant deficiencies in this test will be required, as an additional training obligation (OFA), to attend a preparatory support course (IDEA Course), which will conclude with a written exercise as assessment of the recovery of the training obligation. The preparatory course is in any case open to all new members. In the case of students who are found to be inadequate and are unable to attend the preparatory course for justified reasons, a written test taken as part of a first-year course will serve as proof of passed training obligation.
The commission consists of Prof. Fabrizio Amerini, Gemmo Iocco and Irene Binini.