Entry requirements

In order to be admitted to the Degree Course it is necessary to be in possession of an upper secondary school diploma or other qualification obtained abroad and recognised as suitable in accordance with the legislation in force. Students are required to possess the basic knowledge normally acquired in High Schools (Italian Licei and Istituti di Istruzione Secondaria Superiore). The course requires the ability to understand texts and to reconstruct the concepts and arguments contained therein in written form (Course Regulations, Art. 2, paragraphs 1, 2).
In order to ascertain their comprehension, expression and argumentation skills, enrolled students are subjected to a written admission test, in accordance with the Course Regulations. Students with significant deficiencies will be required to follow a preparatory support course, the procedures for which are established annually by the Course Council, which ends with a written exercise aimed at verifying the recovery of deficiencies.

Admission procedures

The course regulations (Art. 2, paragraphs 3, 4) stipulate that first-year students must take a written admission test to ascertain their ability to understand a text and their expressive and argumentative skills.
The test is compulsory, but failure does not affect admission to the course. This test consists of a synthetic presentation of the ideas and arguments of a short philosophical text assigned. In the assessment, particular consideration will be given to clarity of presentation and the ability to identify the logical thread of the arguments proposed by the philosophical text.
The written admission test will be repeated in the second semester for students enrolled after the first test has been taken.
Students who show significant deficiencies in this test will be required, as an additional training obligation (OFA), to follow a preparatory support course (IDEA Course), which will conclude with a written exercise aimed to verify the recovery of the educational debt. The preparatory course is in any case open to all newly enrolled students.
For those students who, for justified reasons, are unable to attend the preparatory course, a written test taken as part of a first-year course will serve as proof of debt recovery.
On the occasion of the entry test, information is collected, by means of a questionnaire prepared by the Course Review Group, on the students' school of origin and their motivations for studying philosophy.

Double enrolment

As from the academic year 2022/23, it is possible to enrol simultaneously in two higher education courses within the same university or belonging to universities, schools or special-order higher education institutes, including foreign ones, in accordance with the procedures set out on the following page.