Professional outlets

This section illustrates some of the professional outlets of the course.

Teaching in secondary schools

A degree in Philosophical Studies is the first step towards a teaching qualification in secondary schools; it is necessary to continue studies with a Second-Cycle Degree Course and to obtain a teaching qualification through a specific training course.
The integrated degree and Second-Cycle Degree Course pathway makes it possible to embark on the teaching qualification in secondary school for the A-19 'Philosophy and History' and A-18 'Philosophy and Human Sciences' classes. In fact, Second-Cycle Degree Course graduates who have sufficient ECTS credits in appropriate groups of academic disciplines will be able, as provided for by current legislation, to participate in the admission tests for secondary education training courses.

Archive and Library assistance

The degree course in Philosophical Studies prepares for the following functions: organisation of cultural events of various contents (philosophical, historical, educational) also related to the social and civic function of archives and libraries; innovative organisation and transmission of knowledge with the use of new technologies and the necessary bibliographical documentation; promotion and valorisation of cultural heritages in particular represented by documents and texts.

Archive and library assistant, cultural mediator and promoter.

Information acquisition techinician

The Degree Course prepares for the following functions: collecting, analysing, evaluating information with particular attention to its sources and possible uses in working and public contexts; production of texts (in Italian and foreign languages) addressed to different types of audiences, also of a popular and advertising nature and in the sphere of story telling; knowledge of basic information, of a historical-critical nature, for intercultural mediation with different traditions; editing and revision of texts from a formal and content-related point of view; innovative organisation and transmission of knowledge also with the use of digital technologies.

Information acquisition technicians, publishing, magazine editing also online, preparation and presentation of information, advertising and publicity material for different audiences.

Public relations technician

The Degree Course prepares for the following functions: public relations in various cultural and information contexts in public and private offices and in companies; ability to deal with management and relational requirements of companies and organisations; cultural and intercultural mediation and conflict management through the exchange of ideas and dialogue; collaboration with specialists and participation in cultural and production projects requiring interrelationships and teamwork.

Public relations technicians, human resources officers in companies and temporary agencies, work in various contexts where dialogue with the public is required.