cod. 1006222

Academic year 2017/18
1° year of course - Second semester
Academic discipline
Glottologia e linguistica (L-LIN/01)
Discipline linguistiche, filologiche e metodologiche
Type of training activity
30 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
course unit

Learning objectives

The course has two objectives: allowing to assimilate the basic principles of dialectology, while enhancing one's knowledge about the notion of dialect and the phenomenon of the interaction between dialect and standard language; getting acquainted with the dialect of Parma, which for centuries has been an important part of our civic culture.


The course does not require any particular notions different from those acquired during the Bachelor of Arts.

Course unit content

The course of 30 hours is divided in two parts. In the first part (16 hours), the general principles of dialectology will be discussed, starting from the issue of the linguistic variation from a geographical perspective, as well as the subject of isoglosses. After this, the discussion will focus on the sociolinguistic perspective of dialects , defining the difference between dialect and standard language (that is, the official language of institutions). Thus, a relationship between dialects and "roof languages" (Dachsprachen) will be established. During the final lessons of this first part, there will be a brief overview of Italian dialects, with particular emphasis on those of the region Emilia Romagna. The second part (14 hours) is dedicated to the dialect of Parma, whose phonology, morphology and syntacs will be analyzed. The last part of the final lecture will be held entirely in the dialect of Parma, in order to prove that it is possible to talk about scientific topics using this dialect as if it were Italian. For those interested, a 4-hour long seminar will be held, dedicated to the reading and listening of the dialect of Parma, during which dialectal actors and enthusiasts will participate.

Full programme

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Mandatory reading:
Grassi C., Sobrero A. A., Telmon T., Fondamenti di dialettologia italiana, Editore Laterza, pp. 161-269.
Marcato C,, Dialetto, dialetti e italiano, Editore Il Mulino, pp. 75-132.
Foresti F. Profilo linguistico dell’Emilia-Romagna, Editore Laterza, pp. 3-131.

Elective reading:
Michelini G, Il dialetto di Parma. Il sistema linguistico, Silva Editore

Teaching methods

The topics are presented during the course of 15 2-hour long lectures, held in a classroom equipped with blackboard, which allows to show students a visual representation of the schemes and analysis discussed. At the end of each lecture, the Professor will receive students in his office, in order to give students clarifications on the different topics undertaken during class, as well as on the readings needed in order to prepare for the final exam.

Assessment methods and criteria

The examination will be oral, and it will consist of three questions, one of which concerning of the mandatory readings. This will check both students' knowledge about the subject, as well as his/her conversational and reasoning skills.

Other information

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