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Academic year 2015/16
2° year of course - First semester
Academic discipline
Demografia (SECS-S/04)
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Type of training activity
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36 hours
of face-to-face activities
6 credits
hub: PARMA
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Learning objectives

Demographic processes are often the final outcome resulting from the
combination of individual behaviors, biological characteristics and socioeconomic factors. The course aims at giving students the theoretical and methodological basis of the relationship between those elements and the mechanisms of population growth. The course will also describe the demographic methodologies based on individual and aggregate quantitative analysis of demographic mechanisms.


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Course unit content

Introduction. 1. Fundamentals of demography: concepts of rate and
probability; period and cohort; life tables. 2. First anmd second
demographic transition 3. Fertility between biology and personal choices. Age at reproduction. Intermediate determinants of fertility. Sex ratio at birth. Birth control and abortion. 4. Selection and survival. Infant mortality; differential mortality by gender; Old age and population aging. 5. Nuptiality and the importance of marriage in
demographic studies 6. Migrations: history and characteristics of human migrations.

Full programme

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M. Livi Bacci, Introduzione alla demografia. Loescher, Torino.

Teaching methods

The course is based on lectures.

Assessment methods and criteria

Final evaluation will be made based on a written examination. It will be used to assess student's knowledge of both methodological issues and theoretical concepts about the relationship between socio-economic and demographic variables .

Other information

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