Learning objectives

In compliance with the qualifying learning objectives identified by the reference class, the Degree Course in Political Science and International Relations aims at integrating the basic knowledge typical of an interdisciplinary education in the legal, economic, historical, sociological and political fields with a preparation oriented towards the international and European dimension of the same fields, in order to develop a specific competence in the understanding, analysis and management of the legal, economic, political and social phenomena of today's national, European and international reality.

Course-specific learning objectives

The degree course has the following learning objectives:

  • to provide advanced knowledge of political, economic and social phenomena at European and international level, as well as of their legal framework at both national and supranational level;
  • to create professional skills both within the state administration and within international governmental and non-governmental organisations, including those with development cooperation and humanitarian and welfare purposes;
  • provide adequate skills for use in public and private (national and multinational) enterprises, which have international business and financial relations both within and outside the European Union;
  • equip students with multidisciplinary knowledge of social phenomena for use in the service, cultural heritage, tourism and communication sectors.