Quality assurance office

The Quality Assurance Office is responsible for organising the teaching activities of the Department's degree courses.

Quality Assurance Office of the Department of Law, Politics and International Studies

Provides information on:

  • the course catalogue
  • degree course admission processes
  • programme of study
  • class schedule
  • exam dates
  • organization of graduation sessions

Address: Via Università, 7 (ground floor) - Parma

Email: giurisp.didattica@unipr.it Telephone: +39 0521 903905 - 904501
Timetable: Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.
Education Manager of the Political Science degree course:
Pietro Simoni
Other reference personnel supporting teaching:
Ms Anna Maria Roseto
Mattia Greca

Write to the Quality Assurance Office

If you need information that you have not been able to find on the Degree Course website; if you have doubts; if you want to make reports or make suggestions .....

....for any topic that concerns teaching activities (classes, profit examinations, preparation of the programme of study, site, etc.) write to the Quality Assurance Office by filling out this form ⇒ FORM