Advising and guidance

Guidance refers to all activities aimed at enabling future and current students to plan and manage their learning in a way that is consistent with their personal life goals and makes full use of their individual skills and interests to achieve personal fulfilment.

Advising and guidance

Depending on the stage of the university process at which these activities are carried out, a distinction is made between:

  • Advising: carried out before the choice of degree course, advising is aimed at future students and offers support in identifying which course to take based on individual interests, expectations and aptitudes. In this phase, the various possible scenarios are presented to the future student and the alternatives of the university path are illustrated;
  • Guidance: carried out during the university career, it is aimed at enrolled students and is designed to guide them through the degree courses they are on, enabling them to better interact with the structures and the university context;
  • career guidance: carried out close to or after graduation, it is aimed at graduates or graduating students and designed to facilitate their introduction into the working environment.

Guidance Delegate and Tutoring

Delegate of the Degree Course in Political Science: 

CoriglianoProf. Fabio Corigliano


Guidance and tutoring activities support students in their choice of university pathway and throughout their studies.


On the Degree Course in Political Science and International Relations, advising and guidance activities are implemented in cooperation with the  Academic and Career Guidance division, through the following initiatives:
A) organisation of guidance meetings for students nearing the end of their upper secondary school careers, with the participation of professors/instructors from the degree course. The meetings are mainly held at the schools concerned, by appointment;
B) organisation of seminars and other initiatives dedicated to secondary-school students, carried out on the schools' premises or online following the COVID-19-related health emergency;
C) organisation of seminars on topical issues held by course professors/instructors and dedicated to secondary school students, held on the Course premises or online mode following the health emergency linked to COVID-19;
D) advising and guidance meeting in September, dedicated to students who have just graduated from secondary school but have not yet chosen a university pathway. The meeting includes a presentation of the course and a tour of the facilities;
E) Lesson Zero (also open to those not yet enrolled). During the first lecture of the academic year, the course president, professors/instructors, education managers and tutors present services and facilities and provide useful tips and advice, so that students can organise and carry out their university career to the best of their ability;
F) prolusion of the degree course. Held by highly qualified experts at the beginning of each academic year, the prolusion is characterised both as an in-depth study of specific subjects related to the degree course and as an orientation initiative for secondary-school students;
G) participation in the orientation events (Open Day and Info Day) organised by the University;
H) publication of information brochures on the degree course;
I) appointment of degree course professors from whom students can request specific information on the training programme and on the recognition of previous careers.

Orientation initiative for a.y. 2022/2023

TRANSITIONS: between past and future Interdisciplinary seminar cycle in the fields of law, political science, economics and sociology

The objective of the initiative is to offer High School Students moments of in-depth study of current and relevant issues in the fields of law, political science, economics and sociology, bringing them closer to the university world and the City University. The interdisciplinary nature of the seminars makes it possible to bring Students closer to the languages proper to the disciplines they may encounter in the Political Science course of study.

The seminars will be held online, always on Thursdays, between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.

The schedule of the seminar series and links to Teams can be found in the file below.



Seminar cycle a.y. 2022/2023

Giovedì 17 novembre 2022 – 15.00-16.00 

Veronica Valenti - Docente di Istituzioni di Diritto pubblico 

Il “diritto al futuro”: generazioni future, sviluppo sostenibile e Costituzione 


Giovedì 24 novembre 2022 – 15.00-16.00 

Giacomo Degli Antoni – Docente di Politica economica 

Nuovi approcci alla misurazione del benessere, tra crescita e sostenibilità 


Giovedì 1 dicembre 2022 – 15.00-16.00 

Marco Inglese – Docente di Diritto dell’Unione europea 

La transizione green dell’Unione europea 


Giovedì 19 gennaio 2023 – 15.00-16.00 

Emanuele Castelli – Docente di Scienza politica 

USA vs Cina: verso una nuova transizione egemonica? 


Giovedì 26 gennaio 2023 – 15.00-16.00 

Umberto Castagnino Berlinghieri – Docente di Storia delle relazioni internazionali 

La Santa Sede e la costruzione della pace 


Giovedì 9 febbraio 2023 – 15.00-16.00 

Vincenza Pellegrino – Docente di Sociologia dei processi culturali e comunicativi 

Ripensare la globalizzazione: reti, merci, persone globali 


Giovedì 16 febbraio 2023 – 15.00-16.00 

Giulia Selmi - Docente di Sociologia dei processi culturali e comunicativi 

Genere, corpi, identità: le sfide della società contemporanea 


Giovedì 23 febbraio 2023 – 15.40-16.40 

Michela Semprebon – Docente di Sociologia generale 

Nuovi e vecchi rischi sociali: le sfide aperte nel riconoscimento dei diritti sociali

Short news videos

The Degree Course in Political Science offers all secondary school and university students short current affairs videos that deal with topics related to the degree course in a popular and cross-curricular way.
‘Italy is a democratic republic, founded on labour.’ Interdisciplinary dialogue on work (Giacomo Degli Antoni, Vincenza Pellegrino, Veronica Valenti)
Between war and peace. A tour of the world in 30' (Emanuele Castelli)
  Students interested in finding out more about the range of courses on offer can contact the guidance contact person: Degree Course in Political Science – Prof. Fabio Corigliano - email: 

Ongoing tutoring and guidance

The service is intended to support the proper integration of students in the degree course through, in particular, specific tutoring activities aimed at students enrolled in the first year of the course, as well as to promote effective career advancement by students through, in particular, assistance in the compilation of individual programmes of study, ongoing guidance activities, designed to encourage students to choose the course of study that best suits their characteristics, as well as remedial activities for students in difficulty.
In addition to the so-called general tutoring to support the organisation of the study method, tutoring for didactic-integrative, preparatory and remedial activities has been offered in the Degree Course in Political Science and International Relations for a number of years.
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